Age 18 – I’m now a functioning human being


In 15 minutes it will have been 90 days. Tomorrow I will wake-up and walk out into the fresh air and read books and feel alive and optimistic. The number 90 doesn’t mean anything at this point. My mornings have been like that for weeks. It has been a hard journey, and a new one of readjusting to the sexual world is only just beginning, but I don’t regret a thing.

I feel like myself for the first time in years. Thank you to everyone here who has supported me and good luck to all of you still finding your own way through this. It’s just part of being a modern man.

I’m 18. I didn’t like what I ended up watching and I didn’t like having that shame hang over me in every conversation and relationship. If I could sum up the benefits I would say that when you get off porn it’s as though you’ve cut a rope chaining you to the screen and suddenly everything you do you’re able to run at. Trying to be a functioning human being on day 0 is like trying to punch the bad guy in a nightmare, It’s just heavy and difficult.

Edit: I’d been using porn heavily since about 13/14. I had a lot of day 0s.

LINK – 2160 hours

By AndrewSG3