Age 18 – In my honest opinion NoFap really brings out the true potential of us guys

Hey Everyone,

After about 90 days of hard mode, I’d like to thank NoFap for really changing my life. There have been good parts and some bad parts, but the good certainly outweigh the bad. It is so nice to have the energy every day to go out, hit the gym, go to work, and hit the town at night. Thanks to NoFap and /r/GainIt I even gained 20 lbs, and went from a skinny 160lbs to a muscular 180lbs.

People may not be huge on superpowers but in my honest opinion NoFap really brings out the true potential of us guys. I’m more confident, strong, energetic, and attractive to girls than ever before. Granted, me not having sex kind of proves that NoFap isn’t the end all be all, however, it definitely puts you on the right track more than sitting behind a screen all day.

The most negative part of the whole experience is kind of what I’m going through now. Around day 85 of hardmode I’ve felt a weird build up and it makes it really hard not to relapse. I’m sure once I have sex it’ll feel better but damn it’s awful now.

For those that are new that are reading it, try to go for 90 days, a full reset on the mind is beyond liberating. Sure there have been lows where my urges have been strong, but there also have been many more moments where I have never felt so alive.

Here’s to day 180!

LINK – Finally Hit 90 Days!

by TouringMedal2