Age 18 – Incest fetish gone, serious health improvements

I started masturbation when I was 12 and stopped it when i turned 18. I was having several health issues like – dandruff, itchy scalp, hair fall (I thought it’s genetics because my father is also bald), acne (on face and back), aggressive behavior and weird incest fetish. I also met a skin doctor for acne but didn’t get any results from his medicines. When I got introduced to nofap and took 7 day challenge I saw some improvements,

I failed that challenge 3 days later but i saw serious improvements. Then I took this seriously and stopped doing this, it resulted in serious improvements in my health. My acne got vanished, hairfall was reduced and I saw some new baby hairs on my receded hair line, my dandruff was lesser and my back acne completely went. my skin got improved texture wise and many people complimented me about these changes, I can now speak languages more fluently and think more rapidly.

My incest fetish is gone and I see my mother with respect now. I cried because masturbation and porn completely ruined me, but I made a covenant with myself that I will never I do it again. Thank you no fap, you made my life awesome!!

PS a hot girl was staring at me in my school today but instead of masturbating about her in washroom I smiled and walked 🙂

LINK – [success story]Damn masturbation was the culprit!!

by rohit1995