Age 18 – More ambitious, energized, confident, patient, happy & outgoing

Bad English, sorry. I started my no fap journey 1 year ago. During this time I saw a lot of changes in me, and I want to write them so I don’t forget why I’m still doing it!

  • more confidence
  • less stress
  • no depression
  • feel more productive
  • easy to talk talk to girls/strangers
  • more attractive to women
  • better looking skin
  • can make contacts with people i don’t know much faster
  • I feel much more energized
  • more ambitious
  • more athletic
  • can go to a club without feeling tired
  • more patience
  • I feel i can be the best at anything my mind will choose
  • I only care about my self and my goals 
  • I always feel the leader when in a group -more respectful to women
  • I don’t let anyone hurt me 
  • I feel like I’m lucky and life bring me joy and happiness 
  • I love myself

How do I describe me after PMO? Lazy peace of shit who can’t stand near a women

LINK – this is all the benefits nofap gave me

by crazyboss1