Age 18 – More confidence & energy, better socially – especially with girls,

Started porn at age 9, fapped daily ever since. Sometimes multiple times a day. Before this I was always a “shy” guy, but I wasn’t awkward or insecure. I still had many friends and was “cool”. I had a lot of female attention early on and even had girlfriends, but I don’t count these because I was so young. When I was ~14 I basically turned into a socially awkward weird dude.

I don’t want to go into too much detail but I was odd. I had friends, but no real best buddies. I was doing poor in school, and spending all my time on the computer and xbox.

~16 years old things got better. I made more friends went to more parties etc. I got invited to most, but some I’d awkwardly invite myself. I had a small group of friends, but again nothing super tight and “for life”. They were just friends I had while I was at school, and when I left they got on with their life without me.

Around 7 months ago I got heavily into gaming. I’d play games all day, and eat like shit. No exercise and hardly any socialising. The only time I’d leave the house is for food. This is why I started nofap.

How NoFap has changed me:

  • Increased confidence – yeah everyone says this but it is true. I put this down to the achievement of a goal. The fact that I know I’ve had the willpower to stop fapping for 90 days straight gives me inner confidence. This is the type of confidence you need.
  • Less socially awkward – I am better at talking to people now. I was never a complete reject, but I was slightly awkward before. Now I am normal. I will speak up when I want to, and speak my mind. If someone starts talking over me I will keep talking and shut them down. I am no longer afraid to do things.
  • Less of a pussy – I am not afraid to say no to people. I am not afraid to speak my mind. Like I just said, if someone was trying to shut me up or make me look stupid I won’t let them. I will just ignore them and keep talking or whatever. I am generally just more outgoing now. I am not afraid to do the simplest of tasks like going for a walk in daylight. Before I’d be too insecure to walk outside in the day because I’d be afraid of people seeing me.
  • Better with girlslike I said in this post, my skills with women are a 1000x times better. After going 5 years without properly kissing a girl I kissed two in one night, and then a few weeks later I got a threeway makeout with 2 girls in the middle of the dancefloor (RSD style haha). I can now talk to girls normally, and I’m confident that when I go to University I will finally get laid. At the moment it is tough for me to socialise often and talk to girls my age because I’m stuck at home. I rely on old friends coming home from Uni to go out with and then talk to girls (yeah I can’t go out solo, not got enough confidence for that yet).
  • Kinda more energy – I am definitely not as lazy as before but I don’t have unlimited energy like other people claim. I am more likely to get shit down now than before, but I still have a long way to go. I still procrastinate and still have issues with motivation. BUT it is much, much better than before.
  • More positive – I’m starting to become more positive and less of a depressive negative fuck. I am slowly starting to hate less and criticize others less. I used to always be the one pointing out peoples flaws to make myself feel better. Being a troll online, leaving hate comments etc.
  • The small things – I am overall a better person. I don’t want to go through every little difference, but you just have to trust me that this works. It really does. There are so many small differences that make a big change when added up together. Before I’d never consider wearing a tshirt out in public, but now I do (when it is sunny and warm in the UK which is rare). I’d always wear jackets because I was too insecure and it made me more comfortable the less I was exposed (weak!).

I can’t explain it but it is like I’m a different person completely. I could go through so many examples of how and why this is but it will take too long. Just believe me that NoFap works. If you aren’t already doing it, you should be. Start today. It is June 1st, a great time to start your journey.

The past 90 days have flown by and they will for you too. I remember getting my day 1 badge and thinking about this day, how far away it is. But here I am. It was all worth it and I’ve now achieved something, and I’ve completely changed my personality. Whether this is purely because of Nofap or not, who cares. It helped me out and it could help you out so do it. Try it for 90 days and if you notice a difference, carry on with it.

My next aim is 180 days. I will see you all then.

P.S. I had this on my wall which helped me get through this. You cross off each day you complete a new habit you want to form, or break in my base. I also installed web filters to block porn, but other than that I can’t give much advice. You just have to want it badly. Don’t touch your dick, don’t edge. Go all in 100% no exceptions – no fapping.

LINK – 90 DAYS – My history and how I’ve changed

by legitpatrickbateman