Age 18 – More respect and female attention, eye circles gone, less “mind noise”


Although I have known NoFap for some time, I started getting more serious with it since November 2016. From then on I had several streaks, the highest being I think 41 days. Trust me, I had my difficult days during this journey, especially after relapsing.

One of the best things you can do after relapsing is to develop a mindset where failure is not the end of all things, but rather an oppurtunity to make an even better job after that point. Who knows, maybe relapsing was necessary for me to become the person who I am today.

Keep this quote in mind: “Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.”

Now here some benefits I have experienced:

  • generally more respect from others People respect me more and pay more attention to me, no matter if female or male.
  • more attention from girls. For example, on day 87, I was in a room in school and this one girl (she’s kind of cute lol) called my name (there was no real reason, maybe she just wanted my attention) and waved to me. I soon went to chat with her a bit. I saw her again later that day and she told me that I could join her in a class (I had no classes that day) and sit near to her. In class, I chatted with her and wasn’t shy to make eye contact. It was quite sweet. I remember the times where I had difficulties in establishing eye contact with girls, but now it’s by far easier.
  • better facial appearance (face looks more masculine rather than puffy)
  • sparkling eyes
  • better, smoother skin
  • less “mind noise”
  • feeling more relaxed and calm
  • more dense, better hair. I love touching my hair (lol) because it feels much better and “fluffier” (couldn’t find a better word). I used to suffer from hair loss (even though I was 17 at that time), but now my hair has become amazing.
  • living healthier: I developed this mentality of doing more research on important topics and putting more effort in solving health problems instead of just living with them. I discover new ways of living even healthier (e.g. intermitten fasting)
  • less fatigue, eyes don’t feel that tired and heavy anymore. I also used to have some kind of eye circles, but it has become better.
  • the small things in life are more enjoyable
  • more positive vibe

Honestly, doing NoFap is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, I’m not even exaggerating. And guys, I guarantee that NoFap is not some “placebo bullshit crap”.

I’m 18.

I hope I could inspire you all to keep going with this NoFap lifestyle and if you haven’t started yet, then feel free to do so if you want to improve your life.

I would also like to thank all people sharing their knowledge and (inspirational) experiences on this subreddit!

LINK – Reached Day 90! Short report

By Nomorezero0