Age 18 – More sensitivity down there, better orgasms, and I changed my life.

Today I relapsed and I got urge to share my knowledge and experience with NoFap, because it all started thanks to you. This is going to be short resume so don’t worry.

I started because I needed more sensitivity down there. After 302 days I got what I wanted. I also started because I wanted to have longer, more intensive orgasms. I got what I asked for. It wasn’t “full body” experience but for sure it was at least 30% and it lasted about 5 seconds (it used to be just a second or so, depressing I know).

Talking about superpowers, they don’t exist. Yeah. I got more shit done. More girls got interested in me. My life got a lot more interesting (flew an airplane, got driving license for a boat, went to Avicii, David Guetta, Steve Angelo festival, lived in Barcelona for 2 months, visited NYC for 3 weeks, jumped from 5 meters high boat, saw a ghost, fuck! I lived with a ghost but that’s different story, snowboarded at Alps with great people, made new friends across the world, had -good- experience with beautiful russian girl, and list goes on). Yeah all this happened but just because I wanted to. It all happened because of “the change” and not because of NoFap.

I wanted change. Guess we all here want a change – that’s why we are doing NoFap. And yeah, NoFap is going to help you to get you motivated because you have so much free time now and it’s up to you what do with it. Tell you this, if all what you do is just worrying about nofapping then you are doing this wrong. You have to forget about NoFap and start to live like it’s normal. I used to check my badge counter every other day. Around day 180-200 I stopped doing it because I didn’t care what counter says. Your life isn’t defined by number on the counter. Not by number of days you have not fapped. But what you do during this time. Have you been worrying about fapping/nofapping? Then you are doing this wrong. Just get your shit done. Have strong motivation and it’s no problem. Just remember, your main goal shouldn’t be to “have as big number as possible next to your badge”. It should be about changing your life. I changed my life to what I wanted to – to an interesting life. And the last thing, about my relapse. Yeah I relapsed, yeah I’m going to reset my counter, no, I’m not going visit NoFap as much I as I used to, no, I have no urges to fap again. I don’t feel any guilt.

If you have got any questions please ask. Hope I helped at least someone.

TLDR: NoFap is going to help you change, but it’s not going to change your life.

LINK – I relapsed after 302 days of hardcore NoFap. Here’s my report. (Journey for sensitivity, 302th, final day report)

by TopsyMitoTurvy


Journey for sensitivity, 113th day report

If you don’t want to read whole post I wrote a summary at the end of it.

Hello again,

originally I wanted to wait and post a report at my 120th day (to be 100 percent sure I DID reboot).

Today I was browsing through my old computer (didn’t use it for 4 months at least) and came across a porn folder. (If you are easily triggered, please, stop reading now and skip to summary). It was hard-core porn, during my old porn days I even recorder my screen during cheap (by quality, they were free) web-cam shows, all these hopeless girls faking it so they could earn few dollars. I must admit, I got boner and it reminded me how easily one can go back to watching porn/masturbating on regular basis. Anyway, I just skimmed through the videos (2 min in total), said goodbye and deleted them.

Speaking of NoFap, I’m at 113th day of hardcore mode (except these 2 minutes from today). Still flatlining, well, truth to be told I forgot how can one have a regular libido (sex drive). Down there it’s still pretty dead but from day to day it’s getting alive. Morning woods are normal, like scheduled, had even sex dream. Started to work-out, study, read books and stopped watching TV.

Sensitivity: yeah, that’s why I was doing NoFap at first. I can HONESTLY say that my orgasms used to last about 1-2 seconds and were weak, now, when someone is rubbing or scratching my back I do get these “mini-orgasms”, they just aren’t down there, it certainly isn’t whole body experience but I can at least half of my back is “shivering”. I enjoy them as much as I used to enjoy orgasms. So yeah… Kinda weird but I can’t wait to break this streak with true sexual intercourse with person I love.

Sensitivity 2.: Few days ago I was in a bath cleaning myself, came to clean my “special” area down there and when I softly rubbed my finger across penis head it felt like nothing before, closest I can describe it is when something happens with your penis and you can’t control your legs, it felt pretty special. Keep it mind it was one, soft rub across head. So sensitivity is back or at least is getting back in great power.

During last few months my life changed, not only because of NoFap. I would say NoFap was and is just a perk. Many girls approached me, my confidence got bigger, I’m funnier, wittier, more muscular, friendlier, sexier,… and I’m getting compliments on my sex appeal from girls on regular basis. Few times even random dudes approached me and we chatted a bit.

Summary: Sensitivity down there is certainly coming back in great power. Girls approached me and compliment me on regular basis, I have to friendzone them. My confidence got bigger, I’m friendlier, funnier, wittier with greater sex appeal than ever before. Started reading books, doing workouts, studying and stopped watching TV. I’m also getting mini-ograsm when other people scratch my back. My life got a lot more interesting. Only negative is I’m still stuck in flatline.

EDIT because of Summary: All this happened not ONLY because of NoFap. I would say NoFap is something like “booster”, it helps you but YOU have to do work on your own.

Stay strong.



Journey for sensitivity, 90th day report

So yeah, I’m back. Flatlining for about 2+ months now. My days are weird, one day it’s great (6-7 out of 10) and next day it’s awful (3 out of 10). Right now, it’s horrible.

I fell in great depression, my crush and best friend for 4 years and girlfriend for 3 months left me, she cheated on me with her ex boyfriend (they have been together for 2.5 years) and now they are couple, again. 90% of our mutual friends were lying to me about it (they knew she was cheating on me but didn’t tell me anything because they “didn’t want me or her to get angry” and “by what she said, she didn’t know what she wanted”). Sensitivity down there is almost none.

I just want to sleep for few months and get out of this. Anyway, it’s my 90th day of hard mode NoFap and it is literally one of the worst days of my life now. Not due to NoFap, of course.

I just want to say, please fellow Fapstrounaunts, stay strong and don’t break your promises while flatlining. Somewhere deep inside of me I believe that flatline will end and everything will get better, soon or later.


Journey for sensitivity, 30th day report

I started this journey because of two reasons:

  1. Lack of sensitivity down there
  2. Get more passionate

To start this report off I´m male, around 18 years old. I´m healthy, slim, kinda attractive, social guy with amazing girlfriend. A month and something ago I lost my virginity. For the first time it was just good, I did enjoy more whole event (kissing, cuddling, spending time with gf,…) than sex itself. I have discovered that vagina/blowjob isn´t as intensive as I have imagined it. Started googling around what it cause. Soon I have diagnosed myself with Masturbation Death Grip Syndrome. Solution, as you may know, to this syndrom is easy and clear: stop masturbating for one to four weeks with first week being preferably with no sex what-so-ever.

1.12.2013 (or for you fellow americans it´s 12.1.2013) I begun my journey. Goal isn´t just 4 weeks without masturbation, I want full reboot (around 90 days) and then continue NoFap. Before this journey I masturbated around one to three times per day, always with porn, hard grip, furious speed and without lube. Orgasm lasted for 1-2 seconds at most and was not intesive at all Dead giveaway.

Since then I´m on hard mode, no porn, no sex, no masturbation,… After one or two weeks I felt more passionate about things around me (e.g. with more energy, more social, talked to random girls…). During week number three and week number four I felt more down there, touching it with other objects made me feel something.

Anyway, I´m at 1/3 in this journey now, after that I would like to continue with nofap without thinking about it. All this happened thanks you guys, for your motivation, support and thanks to following sites: