Age 18 – Much more confident, especially with females

Newbie fabstronaught First Impressions

First of all THANK YOU NoFap for changing my life

Since I found out about no fap about 7 months ago I was informed by a friend that you lot are a group of people who help stop each other from masturbating, to which I thought why it’s normal and perfectly healthy thing to do, and was a silly pointless place, boy was I wrong.

I immediately started my streak on nofap as soon as I came to actually do some research and since I started as of this post 23 days ago I have felt my life has changed for the better and I am becoming the me I always wanted to be.

Changes: I’ve started going to the gym which is something that I have always wanted to do and being a skinny 18yr old I am self concious about my appearence so I decided to start going at 3:30am -5am, 4 days a week which somehow fit in with my schedule of lectures. This has been a huge confidence boost and is really helped me with my self esteem and I would reccomend to anyone thinking of doing so.

Motivation-I’ve started just doing things, when I used to sit there at my desk and my glorious pc setup I would think about things such as: “I should go get some chocolate” or “today I will tidy my room”,”I will revise for — test and get an A” and so on. Since I started on nofap I have found the will power overwhelming the lazieness and giving me drive to do things.

Talking to women/social situations- I am by no means a “ladykiller” but I have found it much easier to talk to girls at university and found much more confident texting/ messaging and flrting or complementing. I think that this isnt just because of going out and having lots of alcohol (social lubricant) but is a result of all of the things in the more scientific threads have said about what no fap does.

Converting friends- Obviously this is a drastic life changing thing and trying to tell your friends that they should stop masturbating when they are in similar situations as you can make you seem like a mad man because they see nothing wrong with it but I have managed to show a few close friends of mine about how it will help them and informing them of my spree and all of the changes above in only 20 days I think it will help them also.

Family- obviously after becoming a fellow fapstronaut I think that this is the way forwards and I wish I could tell the masses about this but it’s not exactly something they’re going to start telling people in schools but I wish that porn wasnt as easily available as it is and just thinking about younger siblings/ family who could fall into the same PMO situation it angers me.

Sorry for this massive thread which is probably riddled with spelling mistakes,but it’s my first experiences with nofap and I hope this shared some insight to people who are starting or maybe you fapstonauts could help convert irl people non redditers as well.

LINK – My NoFap First impressions and life changes

by monsterplatypus