Age 18 – PIED: F**k yeah. My first succesful sex


Hey there. Hear me out!

I’m 18. PMO: 13 to 17 years old.

I currently suffer from low T levels and varicocele.

I suffered from PIED until yesterday.

I used to masturbate daily and weekly to porn.

I currently have a gf.

I had a streak of 110 days.

I fapped a few times (not to porn)

And yesterday was a big surprise. I had successful sex. The problem is the condom. I cant feel anything with it. I had sex without a condom and surprise I had a normal erection the whole intercourse. I could feel everything. It was awesome. I still have breaks between intercourses.

Real sex is not anything like porn. A vagina feels better than a hand. In my case, i was feeling every single move. Real sex is a passion not a rape. A man loves her woman, so you have to be passionate in that sexual behaviour.

I didn’t come out of flatline by myself. I already had my gf when my streak began. We were both virgins. So it kind of was rebooting and rewiring at the same time. I was worring why my penis doesnt get erect with my gf. The most times it did but not fully , like 50%. I decided to browse the internet because i knew something is wrong. However, i found out about the effects of PMO and MO and decided to start my streak.

I will continue my journey. Is a life long one. Nofap and Noporn. Only allow myself to orgasm with a girl.

From now on:

First month like three times having a intercourse (I don’t want unprotected anymore, it’s scary)

Second month abstinence

Repeat the process. This is my sex life from now on. I gave up porn forever. I now give up fapping forever. Goodbye. Never see u again.

This was my story. It will get better with condom too. I just need a treatment for my low T and a surgery for my varicocele

It’s awesome to feel normal I’m happy

LINK – F**k yeah. My first succesful sex

by Matei99