Age 18 – Recovered from ED: had sex for the first time in two years

Told girl I’ve been dating about PIED. Last night I let it off my chest, she liked me even more for it. I was a bit anxious about the situation but I’m glad I got it over with… she said she’d wait until I could get it up again.

Then last night we’re fooling around a bit and I get semi hard, she tries to get me off but fails. We’re really confident with each-other even though we’ve known each-other for only 3 weeks.

I decide we should sleep nude together, I got morning wood for the first time In idk how long, had sex for the first time in two years, and came for the first time during sex ever, this all happened like 3 hours ago.

I won’t be re-setting my badge as I’m not doing hard mode, but gentlemen this journey has been taking me somewhere else completely… I’m glad I found this community

LINK – Told girl I’ve been dating about PIED

by TestYourMight9


UPDATE – Day 60

I know my counter says 43 days but I actually started NoFap a while prior to setting my counter, but 60 days in and I feel outstanding. It’s not the avoiding masturbation that’s did it for me, it’s the formation of positive habits that has changed my life.

I now swim 2km every day and am attempting to work out every day, I have a positive relationship with a girl I met almost 2 months ago, If you seen my last post this was the girl I got rid of my PIED to, now we have great sex and I made her orgasm for the first time last night,

This is still the beginning though, my 19th birthday is coming up soon so I still have plenty of time to get more shit in order. I wish the best and hope all of you can form positive habits too… fuck the counter go out there and LIVE god damn it.



I am trying to think of major benefits to post on here. Pre no-fap I would have considered the things I have achieved as super powers but now It’s just ingrained in me and my daily habits.

  • No more porn (x)
  • No more porn induced ED (x)
  • The ability to have a meaning relationship with another person (x)
  • Attain a girlfriend who I can speak about porn addiction to (x) Self discipline (Still working on but definitely stronger)
  • Health mental/physical – Improved and will always be on the track of improvement