Age 18 – This is about regaining your manhood. That’s what attracts women.

I noticed some of us on NoFap here start the challenge because they want to get girls. I have to say, this could be a great motivation for you, but at the end of NoFap you will find another meaning to the challenge. And that is YOURSELF. I used to be someone who was weak. I was depressed because the girl I liked rejected me (behind my back she said I wasn’t handsome enough). I wandered the internet reading countless dating articles about how to impress her, get het back, reignite the spark, etc. Then I came across NoFap 5 months ago, accidentally. I started it because I wanted myself to become better so I can get laid. Getting laid was actually my purpose of existence. But NoFap is where my becoming-a-man journey began. I read NoFap everydays. Then subreddit like the RedPill. Then manly blogs like KeepYourTesticles, chadhowsefitness, etc…Those are sites which basically teach you how to be a man (the term “alpha male” is more like in the dating field). I went to the gym to lift weights too.

Then I finally came to a point of realization of this generation. Most men are no longer men. We are all emasculated by our society. I know, but this is the hard truth. We are blinded by things such as pornography and our media. And our doctors, experts telling us and our children that porn, masturbating is healthy. But HEY, IS THAT OKEY TO YOU? Not for me. What the fuck is this? So according to them, it is okay for a man to sit at home with cum on his stomach? It is okay for a man to sit home stalking girls on Facebook, liking their half naked selfies? Oh come on, reading love articles on how to please a woman?

Take a fucken look at it again. What is a man supposed to do? For thousands of years, men have been fighting to survive. They had to go out the whole day to hunt for food for their families. Just a few hundred years ago, most men had to hold primitive weapons waiting for the enemies at the city gate. And then it came world wars, when men at our age are forced to run in to battles defending our motherlands. Men did everything, except sitting home masturbating to pixel women.

And now we live in comfort, wow. We have everything, food, protection, etc. And then come the porns which is suppose to make a man’s life “easier and more comfortable” This is rediculous. A man is not supposed to live in his comfortzone. In his blood, a man is always a defender, a provider and a protector of his family. A man of today is supposed to go out of the house, to face his fears and to learn new things everyday. Not sit home playing games. Or masturbating and dreaming about women. The whole fucking day, every day of the week. Like a loser. For god’s fucken sake, go lift some heavy weight. Go to the gym. Go out there and run! Or at least, keep up with the NoFap challenge. It’s a first step out of the comfort zone to regain your manhood. It’s fucking hard, but once you did it, the benefits are more than worth it. It’s not just about superpowers or getting laid. It’s about regaining your manhood. Don’t be a weak spineless guy of the modern society who listen to what everyone is telling him. Don’t idolize women like how our society tell us to do like how to impress a woman. You want a true woman? you have to be a real man. And a real man is a man who dares to go out of his comfort zone and takes hard challenges. A man who is able to see his own path and walks that path alone unafraid. You don’t have to prove it to the females. It’s in their genes that they have the ability to spot out the real man.

Anyway,English is not my native language. I know and I’m taking lessons to improve my skill.

LINK NoFap is about regaining your manhood. And that’s what attract the women.

by redditnosleep