Age 18 – This journey has brought so much positive energy over 9 months


Haven’t been on here in a couple months (yes i’m still doing nofap). I just wanted to type a quick little update. i recently just turned 18. Anyways, so i started my nofap journey in the beginning of july, i believe on the 4th, and since then, i’ve been porn free.

However, i MO’d once in october without porn obviously . i am days away from being on day 274, 3 months more and i’ll reach one year.

I feel great! i spend most of my time doing things in which i consider to be productive, such as doing homework and studying, cleaning, and new hobby i picked up: cooking and baking! i have a lot more energy as well.

Aside from doing productive activities and the energy i’ve gained, i have the strongest (so strong it can be uncomfortable at times) erections ever (compared to when i used to PMO for hours). I want to actually pursue a relationship instead of PMOing 24/7 like how i used to. One thing i find strange though is i haven’t had a wet dream since the start of my nofap journey (lowkey waiting for one bc i’ve never had one and i think it’d be cool).

Also this may be TMI, but because of nofap, my balls feel so full like oh shit. sometimes, i get the urge to masturbate, and sometimes i give myself one or two strokes then i stop right away because i don’t want to MO!

I don’t miss or crave porn whatsoever! this journey has brought so much positive energy over the course of almost 9 months. This journey is never ending.

LINK – almost 9 month update!

By track10purposejb