Age 18 – Used to have social anxiety & hated meeting people

I’m super stoked I was able to complete this challenge. It’s been a long journey but I did it. Feel free to ask me anything I will try and answer all questions as soon as possible! I am currently 18 from Windsor, Ontario…Canadian eh? I never really thought I had a problem with myself before I started. I used to fap usually once sometimes twice a day, most likely watching porn but it mostly happened before I went to bed because I knew the release of hormones helped me sleep. I came across NoFap on accident almost? I was going through random subs and I saw this and was like noFap? gotta check this out. So I read a few posts, and thought about it and after a couple of days I decided I would try it.

okay well this pretty much sums up the background info, I am going to put this into my report so it doesn’t get buried for everyone to see, thanks.

Edit: But to answer the important parts of your questions:

1) Improvement- Well I originally thought reading all the benefits from this before I started was some bull shit. But after a few weeks I had noticed a difference. Before I started, I had a completely different mentality than I do now. I used to have social anxiety and I hated meeting new people, I don’t know why but I didn’t ever want to go to somewhere with strangers, didn’t enjoy interacting with new people or nothing. Now I love meeting new people, I find myself to be very social and I am pretty sure people enjoy my company now too.

I would love to say girls just jump all over me now, but that’s wrong. What is true about this is, I find I can read the girls better and notice body language and that they are flirting with me. I can finally look a girl in her eyes and have a conversation with her. So for anyone reading, don’t think this is a simple solution to get girls, you still must do the work and actually go talk to them and etc. But I’ve really found it helps me with my anxiety and just be more comfortable around people which has helped me with the girls.

Other than self control, I didn’t really get all that much else out of NoFap. But I have started working out now which is awesome, I’ve finally gotten some motivation to workout with some friends and hit the gym. Now I’m not just some 5’10” 150 pound looking twig anymore either so I’m sure that is helping with the girls too.

I am going to have to put a plausible on rumors of it helping acne. I’m 18 so my acne is still at it’s prime, I had times where it went down, times where it got worse. It has fluctuated and I’m sure that’s based on stress from exams and now having summer it’s getting better because I’m outside in the sun, so I can’t see it didn’t help, but it wasn’t absolutely substantially. The only reason I think this would be true is because you aren’t releasing all these extra hormones in your body, which is maybe why you won’t get it as bad, but that’s just my opinion.

2) Suggestions- Take this day by day, letting your guard down is almost a guaranteed fail. For beginners, I suggest aim for a week, 7 days is the hardest time, then once you make that, put your goal at 21 days because the next two weeks are 100% the hardest. finishing the first month after that shouldn’t be hard, but like I said don’t underestimate and let your guard down. Then just try to go month by month and soon enough 90 days will be at your footsteps. For anyone who does fap, don’t get off the horse and call it quits, scold yourself for a bit, then the next day reset the counter and try again.

For beginners get a counter, it’s in the sidebar. Don’t check your counter every day of this challenge, believe me it will make it feel like the longest 90 days ever. Keep in check with NoFap, read posts, ask questions because we are all willing to help and there is some super motivating stuff posted.

For everyone, If you do come across urges, what I did was cold shower, shrivels you right up.. lol! Or workout, all the blood flowing to the muscles being worked out will get rid of that tempting erection. Many others have suggested a bunch of stuff but I never really needed it. I also listen to country music sometimes if I have to fap, it really just lets me get my mind off of it and just sing along.


umm, I wouldn’t say NoFap GIVES you any super powers, it just opens the mind to find the super powers within yourself. But I myself found that I am really getting rid of any social anxiety, I used to hate meeting new people, hated social outings with strangers and was just rather sheltered. I started about 2-3 weeks into it to find myself talking to strangers around campus and interacting with people in the student center and making more friends much easier. I find im not as awkward i guess, and just willing to be much more open. I gained self control of course from this discipline, and thats all I can really think of. Everyone else will react different to the journey, some things i have seen others post about I either already had that, or havent experience anything like that.

NoFap doesnt really change your appearance, I have been working out so I have bulked up a little bit so it has helped me get noticed a bit more. I really find that i am able to hold a good conversation with someone else though. Talking with girls is SO much easier now, finding that I can look into a girls eyes without having to peer down at her chest or look away is so much better. And because I am able to look at her eyes and actually pay attention instead of having to look away and distract myself, I do notice the body language and the hints that girls are interested in me.

So I don’t really say NoFap gave me super powers, it just made me find the ability from within and able to use them to my advantage.

LINK – I have completed my first 90 days challenge, AMA

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