Age 18 – Way more social, deeper voice, I feel unstoppable

I think its been about 4 months almost since i’ve started nofap. I don’t do the badge because it becomes a problem for me when I go, oh I haven’t fapped for x amount of days, one time is okay…. thats how endless relapses occur (IMO)

Here’s my habit post that a lot of people enjoyed in case you want to see it:

Benefits so far:

1) Kicked a bunch of bad habits, all the way from drinking coffee/alcohol to fapping and eating unhealthy

2) With a lot of spare time, I picked up a lot of new habits (you’ll see them if you click my aforementioned post link )

3) Voice is deep as hell, so many chicks tell me how sexy my voice is ( before nofap, my testosterone was low I’m assuming and I sounded like a pussy)

4) I have hair on my arms now, I know this sounds weird but bear with me. I was known as the lucky hairless cat by most guys, but once my testosterone shot up with nofap. I’ve had hair growing all over, not like a crazy amount, but an attractive amount.

5) Skin glows like a tanned brownish golden glow, thats the way 2 people put it for me.

6) No acne, how awesome is that?!?!

7) I can make love to the point where I feel like I’ve pleased a girl to my full capacities ( so I’ve been told ) I take advantage of sex with women because its the only time I can bust a nut so I make sure I go 120% in bed to please both my chick and me

8) My body is doing wonders! Gained about 20 pounds, I weight 170, 18 years old, 6 foot.

9) Way more social ( in a new way ) I was always the social kid, but now when I say social I mean, DIRECTLY social, not indirectly with a cellphone. I actually spend time with my family, go fishing with them, campfires, camping, family dinners are fun, etc.

10) Overall, I feel fucking unstoppable. I can kick any damn habit. Thats how I feel right now and if my day is going really bad, I just laugh cause I’m a fucking fapstronaut. I don’t need to land on the moon to feel good, all I have to do is not fap 🙂

LINK – 120ish day report

by Alexbass96