Age 19 – 1 Year struggle: 90 Days Hard mode completed with Graph

Hello Everybody ! After struggling for a year, I’ve finally made it ! I’m a 19 year old male. I’ve been masturbating since I was 10 years old, and watching porn since I was 11. Discovered YBOP one year ago wondering if porn addiction was real and if I was an addict. Then I watched the famous “Demise of Guys” video, discovered Reddit, NoFap and Pornfree. I then, decided to give this a try.

I wasn’t 100% serious at the time buit after relapsing a bit, I couldn’t help but feel really down. I then decided to stop PMO for ever. And after Fighting myself, for the last 90 days I’ve made it at last !

Here’s a graphical representation of my struggle: I hope the data will be helpful.

Things I’ve done since stopping Porn and masturbation: -Learning a new language -Being much more confident and much more social. -Cleaned my room (Took me three days lol) -I go out and hang with friends now -Learned how to cook -I changed my diet, (much more healthy now) -Started exercising -Started skating again -Had my driving licence -Everybody says that I’ve changed for the better 🙂 And much more !

The only disadvantage: Wet dreams ! In my 90 days, I must have had at least 10. I fear the day I jizz myself wile sleeping with a girl !

Tips for newcommers: It gets easier ! Your progress will be exponential ! Having trouble deleting your collection ? Listen to epic music ! In fact, Listen to epic music everytime your feel down, it will cheer you up !

And of course, Thank you NoFap ! Thank you Pornfree ! It’s thanks to you I’ve been able to start this new life ! Thank you very much !

I don’t plan on stopping any time soon, this is for life !

LINK – 1 Year struggle 90 Days Hard mode completed with Graph

by BeastSlayer 93 days

EARLIER POST – 180 days (6 months) Hard Mode REPORT

Hello fellow Fapstronauts ! It’s been half a year since I’ve Fapped or watched any porn. I’m a twenty year old virgin male.

Man time sure goes fast when you’re having fun. And this time sure was easy. except a week of major urges near day 140 (Everynight I had dreams where I wanted to relapse, I was even prepared to relapse for real, thankfully I wasn’t at home that week, or disaster might have stroke) My 90 day report seemed like it only weeks ago. Here’s my previous post:

So what changed in the last three months since last time ? – Increased confidence – I am happy all the time it’s crazy. I don’t feel depressed anymore. – I go out, I go to parties, meet people, I even went to a nightclub. ( this is by far my greatest achievement, Because this is something I had never done in my life, I was the kind of dude to always say no when invited to party, to never really hang out with people outside of class, guess I was scared of going out of my “comfort zone”, since I made the jump, I’m having the best time of my life) – I don’t feel inferior anymore, I feel like I am as better than any other person. – I like myself, physically and mentally (I never really liked my face before), I like who I have become.

See you in 90 days for another report, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.



21 MONTHS OF NOFAP with data chart

Hello nofap, I have been in this community for a while now, my perspective on things has changed a lot.

Here are my posts from before: (Damn I still can’t believe I survived 220 days of hard mode)

I would like to thank the Nofap/ Pornfree community, for starting the changes that have made me into the man I am today.

Of course a lot of other subreddits helped me in my transformation, such as r/fitness and r/seduction. They’ve teached me lots of things.

What has changed in the last months ?
I have become a social beast, I made tons of friends, I can talk to any girl, anyone, I’ve got no more insecurities.
Staying in my room a friday night ? that doesn’t exist anymore.
I’ve been going to the gym, feels so good.
I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend now, my first one actually.
I’m not a virgin anymore and I’ve actually experienced the thing I used to watch all day.

A lot has changed in the last 21 months you can imagine, it’s been almost two years since I first stumbled here.

I’m going to quit this community in a way. Here’s why: I think that I was really ashamed of myself for watching all this crazy shit every damn day before. Now things are different, I don’t take things as seriously as in my golden Nofap days. I was too hard on myself.

Now I occasionaly watch some “normal” stuff, but to tell you the truth masturbating without porn is much much better, porn’s always dissapointing and you always want more even though you’re never satisfied.

I still have some good streaks here and there, I just don’t want to feel like I’m an addict anymore, I want to live a normal life now.
In the last months I didn’t really visit these subreddits at all, I don’t really feel like I’m one of you anymore, I feel like I’ve moved on. Here’s my chart before I decided to stop counting my failures (yes, I relapsed after 60). I hope my data will be usefull, You can see how things get easier. In the last ten months, I reckon I’ve watch porn less than ten times.

It’s been an adventure ! And I know that if one day if I have to come back, this community will be here waiting for me with open hands, I shall never forget your teachings, but it’s time for me to move on.

Goodbye Nofap,

you have changed my life like no other 🙂