Age 19 – 6 months: I don’t even remember myself before the summer 2013

Let’s start with some basic info: I’m 19yrs old male fapstronaut. I started to take this whole challenge seriously about 1 year ago. Like all (or nearly most) of us, I failed repeatedly (due to edging, rationalizing, you name it – all the typicall stuff). When the summer holiday started I hardened up and resisted the urges for 46 long days, my second longest streak forever.

However, I somehow convinced myself to fap once on 31st of July, well shit. That happened 6 months ago.

The problem is, I don’t even remember myself before the summer holiday of 2013. I’m sure I wasn’t (metaphorically) alive back then though. The most important thing that changed is in how I perceive the world now. I’m not a cynical asshole anymore and my ego is deflated, to put it shortly. I stopped blaming everyone but myself and I actually do stuff TODAY, not tommorow like I used to. I lost 12kgs and got fit, got a short haircut, grew a beard, un-friendzoned myself ( :] ) , my grades skyrocketed, every freakin’ person I know told me I changed both mentally and physically, math is beautiful now, I’m a freakin’ self-proclaimed nutrition expert and got 4 buddies to lose weight and motivated the shit out of them, people want me around- I’m apparently good at conversations (basically i’m wikipedia offline. I like to read and grab even the most useless knowledge if there’s such thing.) oh and I’m happy as fuck. Not an optimist, just happy about being in the current moment. And all of it started by not touching my dick, simply amazing.

If you’re anything like past me (self-loving yet self-hating with ego like petronas towers), take some advice from a fellow seasoned fapstronaut:

  • Don’t touch yourself
  • Survive the first few months ( flatlining is real, I experianced it for 2 months, just hang it there ok)
  • Now when you’re in orbit after about 90 days, realize that you’re not getting a magical ticket to alphaness and sex
  • Good, now self-improve, step out of your comfort zone, take risks and realize that you will be dead someday and that you will die alone. It’s actually not sad – nobody will judge you in the final moment so you can simply stop giving a fuck about caring what random people say and do. They are all busy fighting their own insecurities. Nobody has any fucking idea what are they really doing, life is fun as that. Use it for your own advantage.
  • Now you’re living your life, not procrastinating yourself to the grave.

This is my report and how nofap worked on me, results may wary, we are all different. Stay strong, there’s so much more into this than you think. Nofap gave me a spark that started a chain reaction that made me an awesome person.(In my eyes, I don’t know about the others ). I wish the same for you, now throttle up those engines and fly far into the deep space : )

LINK – 6th month report, or rising up from the dead

by stupidedgyname