Age 19 – 78 days. ED cured, PE cured, DE cured!

I knew that the day would come when I’ll be able to write at this section. Am not gonna go in to details. Quick background, reboot process and the end result. I finished my reboot earlier than I thought I would.


==First masturbation to fantasy when I was 11-12

==Started masturbating regularry from age 14.

==Had first sex when I was 14.

==Had a relationship from age 13-15

==No relationship from age 15 to 18.

==Masturbated to porn 1-3 times a day

==Age 18, that summer have had sex for about 10 days with this girl I met during summer

==After that back to PMO 1-3 times a day

==From October 2013 to February 2014 I PMO 2-5 times a day. Foot fetish, facesitting, hardcore BBC etc…

==Tried to have sex in February, couldn’t get it up.


==Started rebooting February 17. 2014.

==No relapses, no edging, not even a thought about porn or masturbation. No fantasies. Nothing sexual.

==All that time fooled around with multiple girls at least once a week.

==Kissing, cuddling, fingering, blowjobs, handjobs, grinding on each other. Everything that didn’t involved me cumming at the end.

Weeks 1-3

==Feeling down and unmotivated

==Lifeless dick


==Mood swings

Weeks 4-7

==Improvements every week

==No more mood swings

==My boy started to respond to touch of girls

Weeks 8-11

==I could get hard just from kissing

What I did:




==Going out, meeting people


==Only keep thoughts that help you, eliminate those that don’t

==Make a strong decision to stop

==Change focus from eliminating the problem to living a good healthy life

==Forming that Intent to change something is the hardest part. If you do that, the rest flows easily.

What I didn’t do:

  • I didn’t bitch about how hard it is,
  • how I am not making progress,
  • how I will never be cured
  • I didn’t relapse
  • I didn’t measure my progress by morning wood, spontaneous erections etc

Day 77: Had sex.

==First time I came as soon as I felt I was inside.

==Got hard again 10 min after. Fucked her for about 2 hours. No PE, no DE, no ED. Got up and stayed there.

==I came exactly when I wanted. Stayed hard for about 30 sec after that.

==30 min after that session I got hard again just from kissing.

I can only say reboot works.

Stick to the rules.

Don’t bitch about how hard it is.

Get busy, start doing something you love.

Organize your day so you don’t have time to think about your problem.

Don’t focus on solving the problem. Focus on living a good healthy life.

Problem will than take care of it self.

P.S. Great community. I will come by from time to time to help others.

If you need any more support than what you can read here I can do skype calls. Just PM and I will try answer all of your questions.

Again. Thank you guys.

Special thanks: to gameover who answered every little stupid question of mine with patience and compassion

LINK – 19 years old. 78 days. ED cured, PE cured, DE cured!

by liveradiance