Age 19 – Anxiety reduced, kissing girls, I’m a better, happier person


Today I made it to 90. Here’s my story. Some basic data about me : 19 years old College Student I live in Costa Rica Instead of telling a boring story that nobody will give a shit about. Im just gonna list some achivements that I consider relevant.

These were all achieved during the process:

– Kissed a girl for the first time.

– Drastically improved my grades in college.

– Greatly improved my physical condition.

– Lost some pounds.

– Kissed a second and hotter girl, It’s important to say that I was a little bit drunk, but she wasn’t, then I made out with her.

– A lot of my female frineds are calling me handsome, from time to time.

– My beard increased.

– Anxiety reduced.

I started with this as an experiment to see if it really had any effect on me. It did, and I don’t even want to fap again. Today I’m a better person, and a verry happy one.

LINK – Today I made it to 90. Here’s my story

By Britwalda