Age 19 – Bad PIED cured: I heavily questioned if I was gay because I couldn’t get hard.


Hello all, I joined this website early July 2016 and last time I masturbated and watched porn was July 25, 2016. It has been the best decision of my life and as of today I can finally see the benefits.

Backstory is I’m a 19 year old and I had BAD PIED when I started and I was attracted to my girlfriend but I simply couldn’t get it up for the life of me. It got so bad I had to man up and tell her, she was boldly accepting of it and decided to help me overcome it and she also has stopped watching porn herself.

Anyways, I want everyone to know HOPE IS EVERYWHERE AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Back in July I couldn’t stay hard for 2 minutes to get a blowjob and fast forward February 19 and I just had sex with my girlfriend 4 times in the past few hours and it was amazing for us both! After not jerking it at all because I went into hard mode for 4 months my total has been 6 months I can feel major sensation back in my penis, erections are easier to have and harder than the day before. I have a Lot more energy, better mood, and overall enjoyment of life!

NoFap IS THE BEST CREATION KNOWN TO MAN! Improving your lifestyle is also a major part of this NoFap thing such as your diet, getting a good amount of exercise and smoking and drinking. (Both smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol fuck up your sex life lmao). But changing lifestyles for the better is also a big part of it; you can’t just not watch porn and expect to get superman dick haha.

All in all I’m glad I did NoFap and I see real results. Any questions feel free to drop them below or leave an email where I can email you. Happy to answer all questions =)

(BTW I was deep into internet porn and chat rooms to a point where I heavily questioned if I was gay because I couldn’t get hard. so if you think there no hope for you, believe me my friend there is.)

LINK – Hope is everywhere

by Arrohead