Age 19 – Can now have genuine normal conversation with girls


First time poster, on a dump account, and first time reaching 90 days. Currently on around day 94/95 (Haven’t pmo’d since Christmas). A quick bit of backstory: I’m now 19, studying at uni. I have low level social anxiety and before uni I couldn’t even talk to girls without getting really nervous.

Discovered NoFap about a year ago and I’ve never managed the full 90 days before. I was severely addicted to masturbation and was getting into some really weird porn, so was looking at ways to get rid of a fetish you don’t want and rewiring your brain with NoFap came up. I thought I’d give it a try but I never thought it worked so I would always slip back into old habits and relapse.

Anyway, the main reason you’re here. How I did it and what it’s done for me. My number one tip – STOP WATCHING PORN Honestly the first few days / 2 weeks are the hardest, and by just looking at porn it makes it so easy to relapse. Especially if you’re edging, I mean, that’s perhaps the WORST thing you can do. You’re practically fapping, come on. If you’re 100% serious about NoFap, block porn access or something like that. Reward yourself for not looking at porn. For the first few weeks I would just look at porn and get hard without fapping and it’s so difficult not to relapse but you have to push yourself through if.

Tip two – Find a replacement, even if it’s just something like fiddling with a coin, have something that you can easily do whenever you think about fapping to keep your mind off of it.

I’ve heard a lot and researched a lot about cold showers, personally I didn’t but from what others have said I feel like it may help some of you fapstronauts out.

Tip 3 – don’t tell your friends unless you want to be taken the piss out of. Seriously. I made the mistake of telling my mates and now it’s a bit of a joke between everyone like “how many days you on now” and “your balls must be huge”.

Once you get past the first month, the urge to fap is no longer there. Personally, I’ve only had two or three wet dreams since I started the 90 days, so that’s not something to worry about. Wet dreams are something that I looked forward too, but are VERY easy to let you slip into pmo again. Stay strong and remember why you’re doing NoFap.

Tip 4 – have your reasoning. Whether this is for the super powers, to cure a fetish or whatever, have a reason for doing it. It makes it so much easier when you’re thinking of relapsing. Just think about WHY you’re doing it and it helps so much.

On to the benefits. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the “super powers” that come with NoFap, and they are true to an extent. My Social Anxiety is a lot better than what it was before I started the process, I feel a bit more confident, I have more testosterone and a bit more motivation. But in reality you all have these things anyway, they are just amplified to a degree. Nevertheless, it’s still worth it. I’m going to intentionally relapse at day 100, not to porn, and let you guys know what happens. Think of me as a human lab rat for NoFap. Anyway, I found myself being able to have a genuine normal conversation with girls, something that I never thought was possible before the process. Now I’ve learnt these skills however, I feel it’s a lot harder to lose them. At the end of the day, masturbation is a normal thing to do, however NoFap is certainly worth it or at least trying 30 days and then maybe going for 90 and seeing how you feel. I’m open to questions, advice, stories from anyone and if you need to talk I’ll check my inbox semi regularly.

Apologies for the long post, but I hope it helps some of you out. Stay strong people. You can do if.

LINK – How I survived 90 days of NoFap and what it has done for me

By ChristmasNoFapper