Age 19 – Clearer skin, more energy, I can look people in the eye

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Welp guys, I did it. I made it to 90 days on the first try. Now let me tell you it was not easy. I had many times where I came close to giving up(Fuck Kate Upton) but I pulled through. The journey continues! I’m 19, I had crippling social anxiety and I was depressed.

Now I’m not saying it completely cured these issues, but it really helped a lot.

And yea the other benefits I’ve noticed are: more energy, clearer skin, more looks from women, and a full ballsack (idk if that’s a Benefit though. I should also mention that I’ve been supplementing with vitamin d, zinc, and magnesium citrate)

I give a lot less fucks. I can look people in the eye now without shitting my pants. And I do a lot better in social situations

LINK – 90 DAYS!!!

By Bmore696969