Age 19 – Deeper voice, more energy, less social anxiety, easy to make eye contact, way more confidence

Well, it has been 101 days since I last fapped and 145 days since I intentionally viewed porn (thanks trolls). Now, I will start this off by saying that Nofap has not turned me into the stud who rakes in all of the girls. It has not made me a social machine. However, it has enhanced many areas of my life and is a catalyst that will lead to many changes in your life.

Quick intro about myself: I am a 19 year old virgin who is a sophomore in college. I rarely fapped more than once a day and only fapped maybe three or four times a week maximum, but at the end of the 2013, my use of porn was increasing and I was fapping every day. I decided to try out nofap for the benefits and I was worried that my habit would escalate into something worse. Socially, I suck and am very shy, so I decided why the hell not!

When I say catalyst for changes, I mean procrastinating less, waking up early, taking cold showers several times a day every day, getting more work done, and improving social skills. Without even really trying, I no longer play video games regularly, don’t watch television (occasional netflix), or drink diet soda anymore. It is much easier to resist quick sources of pleasure like unhealthy foods. I also deleted my facebook, as it was a waste of time and that was my biggest trigger to fap.

Benefits I have noticed:

  • Deeper voice (verified by voice recordings),
  • more energy,
  • less social anxiety,
  • easy to make eye contact (easy way to earn respect from others),
  • increased strength, endurance, and better recovery from workouts,
  • way more confidence,
  • and generally a more positive outlook on life.

Now, I mentioned earlier that I am very shy. I am a very good student, but I rarely speak up, even though I am positive that my answers are correct. Now I find myself leading the class sometimes! I do not hesitate to speak nearly as much as I used to. Where I do need to improve is initiating conversation, but I can easily maintain a conversation once one starts.

Work: I work in food service at a water park. This is my 3rd season there and I have been at work for two days. My co-workers and customers love me! I am pretty much a leader and help everybody out. I can see how I brighten up the day for my customers. I was offered a leadership position the other day, but I turned it down, as I am trying to get a different job.

I hope I don’t come across as a douche in this next paragraph, but: People are mirin hard! I have definitely made some quality gains with nofap. I have gained about 5 pounds and increased all of my lifts. I have been lifting for a while, so this is great progress. I am easily the most jacked guy at the pool and guys and girls notice. I am now turning heads, which is a huge confidence boost. People at work also notice. I get comments all the time asking if I am a football player, am I a wrestler (did in high school), what sports do I play, etc. I have been lifting heavy for a few years, but with nofap, I am lifting heavier, do cardio more often, and am doing calisthenics several times a week. I am 5’8 and 188-190 lbs. My goals for the end of the year are hitting a 315 bench press, 405 beltless squat, a 500 lb beltless deadlift, 50 handstand push ups in a row, and 50 pull ups in a row (at around 30 right now).

Without porn, it is easy to see the beauty in girls. Oh man, I feel like I’m going to melt sometimes! Now, it will not lower your standards. Girls you weren’t attracted to before probably will not be attractive to you with nofap. However, the girls you are attracted to are enhanced like crazy!

Urge Killers: I’ve seen a few posts about how morning wood is hard to deal with for some people. What works for me is getting up immediately and making breakfast. I don’t really get many urges during the day, but working out (going for a walk, pushups, lifting, etc), cold showers, motivational videos, and are amazing.

Wet dreams: Wet dreams are very infrequent for me. I have only had two this streak. It seems that they happen for me about once every 40 days. When they do come, they are heavenly! I do not notice any slowdown during the day after a wet dream.

I definitely plan on continuing my streak as long as possible. While I don’t believe masturbating is that bad in moderation, it is a waste of time and is unnecessary for a happy life. Porn is definitely a no-no! I am also in the nofap war (Go Saffron and OrangeRed!), so I am not going to let my team down!

TL;DR: Nofap has several noticeable benefits! It has enhanced many areas of my life! It is definitely worth a shot!

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