Age 19 – ED: At 33 days, sex is now amazing.

Dear NoFap, After 33 days of NoFap, I feel absolutely amazing.

I started NoFap because of problems with ED. I am a college student, and the first time, and many times after I tried to hook up with girls, and have sex, I couldn’t keep an erection.

As a college kid, it was really upsetting, embarrassing and I felt terrible. Sadly, many people found out about it from gossip, and it just made everything worse. However, it wasn’t until 33 days ago I was watching TED talks on /r/getmotivated, and found the one that talked about ED, and instantly started.

I had a little trouble in the beginning but after 21 days I started feeling great. Now that I’m back home from college, I have never felt so motivated and just all around great! While I still talk to many people, I have always had a little social anxiety, but now I have no problem with talking to anyone!

I even have started p90x because I feel so great! Also, what makes it even better, is that I have a girlfriend now, and we have sex almost everyday.

About 6 months ago I thought that I would never be able to have sex with anyone, and now almost every day for the past two weeks we have had sex. Right now, I feel amazing, and wanted to tell everyone who is doing nofap that it is completely worth it, and reminding you that will feel amazing during and after the challenge.

At first I didn’t think it would work, but now after 33 days, I am so happy I stuck to it, because the results are outstanding, and my life is different. Good luck everyone!

LINK – Life is Different Now, and I Feel Amazing!

by classicskid