Age 19 – ED cured (110+ days of no PMO)

My name is Nicolas and This is my story: I would like to start the story with a comparison of my performance before the no PMO and after. First of all I had 2 attempts at sex when I couldn’t achieve an erection and go on penetrating.

Now after realizing that  I need to stop masturbating 4 times per day and try not to edge ( I edged a shit ton of times and watched some porn but didnt pmo) after 110+ of no pmo I Could lay in bed with my virgin girl and maintain an erection for like 30 minutes to be playing with her touching the penis on her vagina and penetrating it a bit to prepare her for sex and before the 100 my penis was always limp in bed. So yeah I am feeling pretty good and yesterday I felt not only the machismo but I also felt that I am ready to make happy the women that I will love.

I would like to thank the community, therefore any questions that you people have shoot em and I will be answering to everything because that’s what the community did to me.

Also I have been masturbating to all kind of pronz except gay porn since 14 or 15.

LINK – 19 year old ED cured (110+ days of no PMO)

by Greekdude