Age 19 – (ED): I have relapsed over 250 times since July, 2012, but finally hit 90 days

I had always wondered what had happened, why life didn’t feel the same like when I was younger. Where had my emotions gone my feelings? Why hadn’t I really felt any emotion towards a girl since middle school? I, like many others in the subreddit, thought that things just changed when you got older

Of course things didn’t seem as amazing you are an adult now thats how things are. I didn’t know it at the time but I was dead wrong.

I find nofap about a year after I graduate at first I didn’t take it seriously maybe made it 2 or 3 days feeling a little different each time but didn’t really believe in it. Until one day I did a 7 day streak now I wasn’t able to get back to 7 days for over 6 months after this streak but that first time was amazing. More energy than ever couldn’t even take naps because of how ready I was to do things, more confidence the world was clear thats when I knew it worked it really worked.

Yet like many things in this world once it becomes hard we give up our ego makes an excuse. Mine was meh you will do it next time tomorrow you will take it more seriously, however tomorrow never came and continually relapse after relapse after relapse. I slowly started to get more and more serious actually wanting to complete the challenge but couldn’t I just didn’t honestly want to.

One of the biggest things that allowed me to change was you have to be honest with yourself. Why do you want to do Nofap? For me it was ED at 18 is fucking stupid for others it could be a variety of things but you must find what it means to you. If you don’t take it seriously the voices in your head will never allow you to overcome this obstacle you have to stay strong and always remember your goals.

90 days in I feel great all the average “superpowers” increased energy I was given employee of the month and everyone at work noticed how much I stepped up. Increased focus in my day to day life I have learned to live more in the present makes things a lot easier, more confident than ever I won’t attribute it all to Nofap but it helped.ED basically completely gone and sensitivity about half back, I am a little worried about that being with my GF does feel better but still not like I think it should be.

Not really many negatives other than my balls literally get bigger sometimes and that can be annoying lol and its still really hard to quit porn in my opinion NO porn is harder than NO fap as a lot its easier to forgive one picture than to go through the whole process of masturbating.

I did do it on easy mode and although you still receive the same benefits I believe hard mode makes them come faster and that is why I recommend for those on easy mode to shoot for 180 days instead of 90.

TLDR; I feel better work harder and do more than ever, I will warn you however the initial feeling of being superman does go away so don’t count on that always being there. I believe it is there to show you how you can really feel if you change your life.

I have relapsed over 250 times since July of 2012 when I found this place, finally did it 90 days report.

by Iknwican