Age 19 – Eliminated fetish, energetic & focused, girls look at me differently

I am fully energetic and there is a really big difference btw me and my fapper friends. They are lazy, their life is full of mass and mine is diciplined. I dont want to boost myself but this is one the things that I’ve realized so far. Keep your work bro’s. Salute!

LINK – After 101 days I realized that

by tohellwithpop


UPDATE – 5 Months Report! AMA

Guys I has been 5 months by today. It was like…GLORIOUS!

About me: I am a 20 yo boy. I have never fapped till my 18 but for 1 damn year I fapped. I was aware of the danger since the beginning. I persistently told myself that this is not the solution. I realized that many things got worse in my life. I started my university education but I avoid talking people. I could not meet so much girls. I have met 2 nuisance people. They have alarming fetishes on girls. Their problems reflected on me as well. But I know the danger…know the danger. You might say why did not you break up with them but I did not know much about detrimental effects of fapping this much. That year finished and following year I started to my major. I couldnot concentrate on my lectures. I realized sth. was REALLY different compared to high school. I decided to quit. First I tried 3 4 days then 1 week then 20 days. During this experience I did not know anything about this reddit. AND in the summer of this year I permanently quit. But still I do not know anything about this subreddit.

On my 55th day I met with this subreddit. You guys really helped me here. I supported 4 of my friends to quit this sh*t as well What is changed?: I can easily concentrate on my lectures and persist tasks to finish.(This is what I could not do before in my nofapping years as well) I can read books hours and hours. I am more social. I used to avoid being in crowd many times but now I actually enjoy being in crowd. I can feel intimacy with girls. My memory is getting sharp and sharp. Instead of watching p I read about art as an engineer lol. I have at least 30 hours to improve myself. I started to gym I take care myself. I try different shapes on my hair. You know best part? My family and my friends tell them to me. From girls I have heard that “You became handsome” I catched many girls stalking me. I am not a handsome boy this is a fact but I am getting indeed. I used to think that most of the girls are out of my league but now I at least believe that nothing is impossible. Many of friends respects me more and more. I am more energetic.


Tl;Dr: KEEP GOING GUYS! P.S: I am not a native speaker please just bare me^


EARLIER POST – 83 days report

Hey guys I hope you’re doing well. After 1 year fapping and then nofapping 83 days I realized crucial changes in my life. Firstly I think I eliminate all my fetish on girls. I take them into consideration as they are human and they have feelings like me. Secondly, I can pay attention to my job more deeply. I dont get bored easily. I can stay focused.

Thirdly, looks of girls on me changed drastically. Formerly, they avoid to eye contact but today I met 3 girls and interestingly I caught them when they stalking me and there are other changes about girls I wrote them before you can read them. Finally, I got a consistent wet dream schedule. I want to maintain my job permanently.

Since I just fapped for 1 year I think I got rid of it more easily. My high school performance was outstanding and starting from my 2nd semester I started nofapping periodically and my efficiency increased although it was not permanent.

I’ll keep writing guys. If you have any question, all are welcome (: