Age 19 – Far more sociable, comfortable & daring, meeting people has never been easier.

Hi everyone,

So I just wanted to let everyone know about my experiences with no fap being 60 days in and just returning to college (soph year) just recently. Before I begin, I want to give you all some background information about why I started no fap. I started no fap mostly because I wanted to get away from this act that kept me feeling guilty and also I heard about the “superpowers” and how you just inherently feel more happy when you are not fapping.

So I started my journey 60+ days ago, and though i had my ups and downs, I can say that my life has not been better. Basically, all throughout summer I was just waiting to get back to college and to get back in a groove of things and basically meet more people.

Let me tell you this, meeting people has never been easier. Before I used to feel like I would need to plan out conversations beforehand and practice them or whatever, but now I can go up to almost anyone and have a great conversation, its as if you actually listen to them and even read their non-social cues. To put it simply, I have this new feeling, this feeling of not caring what people think about me, and in turn it has made me be more sociable and led me to be more daring.

So some of you may be wondering how it’s going with girls, I think it is going great. I never had a problem with being friends with girls, but I was never anything more. But now, walking down to my classes, I can occasionally catch girls stealing looks at me. And now I actually eye them down to and occasionally give them a smile if we make eye contact. I also have gone to some social gatherings–which I used to dread the thought of having to make small talk–but now it kinda gets me excited, just the thought of meeting new people and hearing their experiences.

I know I’m jumping around a little bit, but I just want to convey the main point that no fap has allowed me to not give a F about what people think about me and has allowed me to be more free and personable. For example, I was going to one of my first classes for a business class and I didn’t really know anyone but then I saw this girl (pretty cute) who I kinda knew (just said the normal hi-bye never a real conversation). So before I would have just walked in, pretended i didn’t see her, and sat in the corner or something, but now I walked in, made eye contact, smiled and waved, and sat next to her. And the thing that surprised me was that during class, we were making chit chat and it was like we knew each other forever even though it was only our first real conversation. So i really see this as a success story. Also i found myself participating more in class discussions.

Basically, those of you who are on the border or are about to relapse, don’t do it. When you get to be my age on no fap, you’ll see that it’s a lot easier. Also what helps is that I have adopted a new policy, I try not to be on my computer that much because I feel that i have the rest of my life to be on my computer, and only 4 years of college. so i thought to myself “if you just sit in your dorm on the computer for most of the day, you are not doing college right”… and so far, i feel like i am doing a pretty good job!

Love you all!

PS. some were wondering if my voice got deeper, yes it did, even my friend commented on it, though i see no difference :o)

LINK 60 Day Report: College Update

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Day 104 Report: Its not as easy as it looks

The one thing that keeps me going is knowing how long its taken me to get here. Im not gonna lie, there has been times where i’ve thought about it and contemplated it. For me the biggest problem is being stressed out. For some reason, my brain feels as if it is a good idea just to look at naked women when i am very stressed and i need to fix that. I have been losing motivation lately, so i would love some motivation. But, i have to say, I am so much better socially. Im not saying that before i was completely socially awkward, I was considered funny, but I would have a hard time making conversations if its just me and another person. But thats not the case anymore, i feel more open with people and I can joke with people more.

Actually, I want to post some findings, so the last two days i was looking at P and i found myself after that not being “mentally clear” this means that i was kind of passive on making conversations. Before, it was as if connecting with people and talking to them was my dopamine rush, but now its as if i dont care about that anymore because i can get my dopamine rush from watching P. So fight the urge. It takes 21 days to kill an addiction, but less than a minute to start it again. I haven’t fapped in 104 days counting and those benefits are keeping me going, but I will be my complete (ideal/best) version of myself once break this P addiction.

Btw, Look at my 60 day report for more info, it was pretty good. I’ll keep posting periodically.