Age 19 – Feel great, Confidence has increased, Sleep better, Relationships with friends/family are better, Better views of women


Heeeyyy guys it’s the Day 99. I actually feel great nowadays. The Urges are so weak and less. And They are in my control. I’m truly grateful for This week, because I didn’t have any bullshit wet dream. It’s a massive success for me.

  • My confidence has increased.
  • I can sleep better.
  • My faith has increased.
  • My relationships with my friends and my family especially my mom gets better.
  • I feel the best days are coming. I can work on my scientific project better.
  • I’ve had some success in financial aspect.
  • My attitude about women gets better. My face is clear and clean from any bullshit rash.

And you guys, YOU CAN make it happen. You will make it happen Because You are amazing!

Just trust in yourself and God, the forces universe i don’t know whatever you think there is And focus on why do you want it Not time or how difficult it is. Try to be happier, find some reason to be grateful. Then See what will happen to you.

Wish all the best for you!

LINK – Dear Day Ninety Nine

by Mehdishgrz