Age 19 – Forcibly rebooted in Iraq: now I understand what happened to me

Please take a few minutes to read my story. I have never told this to anyone, but since we are all on the same boat, here it is: I was stationed in Iraq with 200 other marines. We were all in one tiny elementary school thus each classroom had over 40 marines in racks.

I was in war and naturally the stress got to me. My unit decided to ban all electronic devices because it caused a security risk. There went my porn. I was furious in the beginning, but I had to cope. I had no choice. Anyways, aside from no porn I also had a problem with masturbation because I was sleeping on a rack which trembled everytime I shook. There was a marine sleeping under me, I was top bunk. Being embarrassed that he would know I was MB, I forcibly stopped. There was nowhere I could go to MB. If I stepped outside, I’d get shot.

Anyways, it had been 3 months and out of nowhere my unit brought in a squad 12 of women to help search women prisoners. I was 19 and never had a girl in my life. When these girls showed up they were among 200 men. What competition did a 19-year old virgin have in front of 200 men and 8 girls. But… get this… unbelievably naturally!!! Naturally! I went up and started talking to her, and then talking to another, and another, within 2 weeks after they arrived. The guys there called me a player, a ladies man. One girl I told that I never had a girl before, and she replied, yeah right, you probably had 309 girlfriends. Unbelievable right? One guy who was also a stud invited me to go clubbing with him when we go back.

OK now here is the kicker. This is why I truly believe this masturbation and porn is a virus, which is shrinking our opportunities. OK, so I was about to nail one or all of the women, when the command let us use our laptops. Not realizing that my changes were caused by porn, I rushed back to jerking off again. 2 days later one girl asked me to come to her room. I said I can’t, I have to go somewhere.

My fear came back in 2 days! 3 days ago I was ready to grab her and take her to fantasy. This, my friends, is my story. This is what you need to know to get you to stop.

Since then I’ve been looking at porn and jerking off and have struggled to have the confidence I had in Iraq for those 3 weeks.

My mind has been coming up with excuses that it is not porn, that I have social anxiety. But with this past experience backing me up I know that is bull. I finally realized that truth and will stop again. This time it wont be easy because I have no obstacles to force me to stop.

Once you stop you will be a real male. An alpha male among all others, because almost everyone now masturbates and or watches porn.

This website has given us an answer, but it’s up to us to listen. We have something most people don’t: knowledge of the truth. Truth that porn and MB is a deadly thing. We are one step ahead of the rest. I have told you, and only you, my story because I know that you will believe that it’s MB that changed me. Who else out there would have believed the reason of fear and anxiety is caused by this addiction? Thank you for reading.

PS please excuse my spelling or grammar, I used a tablet to type this:-)


by goldenbrood