Age 19 – Got my first ever job, had sex for the first time

19/M So i’ve been attempting nofap for about 2 years now. When i first started trying to stop i didnt even know /r/nofap existed! I just knew that every time i fapped i felt a strong sense of guilt afterwards. I had a handful of 5-10 day streaks but nothing even came close to 90 days, until i found the sub.

I started reading into it a lot and finding out all the benefits this had, and from then on i just had even more motivation to stop. before it was just because i felt guilty as fuck afterwards, but now all my the faults i had with myself started to slip into place and i realised that there was a lot more to this than meets the eye. i continued although still my streaks never really went past the 20 day mark, i think at one point last year i managed 55 days? But thats about as close as i came.

Until 3 months ago. I was plodding along not really getting anywhere when all of a sudden i just got lucky, i started a streak and i just had no desire to fap, after the first two week hump i just felt alright, obviously urges where still there but overall i just felt no desire to fall back into that shitty PMO cycle. I’ve always been the quiet one of my family, never really saying much around the dinner table and generally just keeping to myself and having awkward conversations with family members now and then. But after i got into the streak i started to open up a lot more and generally just felt more comfortable in my own skin. Nothing felt forced anymore and day to day interactions flowed a lot smoother now i had gained some more confidence.

So plan from now on? Continue on nofap and hopefully forget that my hand and penis can create pleasure together.

So yeah this post will probably get buried but if anyone feels like asking questions or wants advice then feel free to ask, i’ve got fuck all on today

Oh and i managed to keep note of my habits on my phone calendar for the months leading up to this streak if anyone’s interested? Its just a good way to show that even if you are only managing a few days at a time you can still easily break through

Sorry if formatting, spelling, and grammer are shit. I’m writing this on my phone

LINK – 90 days later. got my first ever job, and had sex for the first time. Feel free to AMA

by TheDankLord