Age 19 – Happier & more confident, no longer stagnating, finished at the top of my class

Man, this is so fucking awesome. The past 90 days have been the most eventful ones of my life. I am so proud of myself and feel so motivated that I can achieve almost anything.

I have been hooked onto masturbating ever since I was 14 (I am 19 now) so, it was quite a deeply ingrained habit and I would often end up fapping even twice or thrice in a day. My life had stagnated with no significant improvement or achievement in the past 5 years, but these 90 days have been really awesome. Some of the changes I went through-

  • Started working out and running daily.
  • I finished my first year at college at the top of my class with the finals falling in these 90 days.
  • I have started writing in and maintaining a journal
  • I am more clear about my goals.
  • I have read almost 18 books in these 3 months (have a goal of reading 100 this year)
  • I feel much happier in general.

My tip for the fellow fapstronauts is to take it one day at a time.

Cheers guys!

LINK – 90 days! First try!

by SaRe1995


UPDATE – 216 days without PMO,first attempt (19/M).

Man! This is unbelievable.I signed up for the challenge on Feb. 24, 2014 and here I am 216 days later, still at it, haven’t fapped even once. Not to sound arrogant but, I feel invincible right now. Over the past 7 months, I have changed a lot.

  • I have gone from a mediocre student to the top of my class at college.
  • My confidence level is over 9000!
    <--break->” src=”” title=”<--break-->“></li><li>I finally asked my best friend of 11 years out and she said yes!!!!</li><li>I have been lifting 5 times/week for the past 6 months and have gained significant size.</li><li>I have also read 93 books in total over the past 216 days which is HUGE( I had a goal of knocking down a 100 this year)</li><li>I feel more like a responsible man than a carefree teenager now and it’s awesome</li></ul><p>Life is good.Thank you guys for keeping me at it with the ever supportive posts. To those of you considering giving up on it,DON’T (i=f I can do it,you can,too).</p><hr><p> </p><p><strong>UPDATE – <a class=300 days right in the first attempt.(19/M)

    I am just as shocked as you probably are.I am a 19 year old guy and am presently in my second year at college.I got introduced to nofap back in Feb and immediately signed up for the challenge.I had been fapping since the age of 12 so the habit was depply ingrained and frankly speaking, I thought of making it past a week as a huge deal(7 days was my initial goal). But here I am 300 days into this marathon and I still haven’t given up. Does it feel good? Hell yes!! How did it change my life? What we don’t usually realise is how much of a productivity killer porn and masturbation is.It used to eat up at least 2-3 hours of my day everyday.Also,if there is one legit application of the law of diminishing marginal utility,it is porn.As soon as I decided to completely drop this habit I found myself with a lot more time in my hands which I religiously dedicated to my studies and building up my social life. I also started reading a lot more and have read 158 books in the past 300 days(keeping a count is not the best idea ever but I did it to gauge my progress with the habit). The best thing that ever happened to me during this period was that I finally asked my best friend for 11 years out and she said yes!! I can’t be happier. I think I can safely say that ‘I have my shit under control’ now. Thank you NoFap.If I can do it you can too’.


    UPDATE – I am a different man.

    I started on my no fap journey almost two years back. It was my first attempt and to be honest, though it was hard initially, eventually it became a cakewalk for me to not fap at all. I was living a fap free life but getting no where. That is when I decided to make changes. I started going out more often, socializing more and working out. I became a lot more confident and over all a better person than I was earlier. I was excelling at college and living a good life in general. Then ‘she’ happened. ‘She’ was a childhood friend of mine. We had grown up together and had always been the best of friends till I decided to ask her out. She smiled the prettiest smile and said yes. Thus began the most beautiful phase of my life. With her by my side, I felt invincible. She was the most beautiful thing in my life. Just looking at her made me all warm inside and not having her around made me anxious. She often told me how she felt the same about me. Life was amazing. And then her health started failing her. She started losing weight and becoming weaker. She was anemic and had some other health problems with it to make it worse. The clothes that had looked so good on her a while back had become oversized. Her pretty eyes had sunken. She didn’t look the same anymore but was just as beautiful to me. It was killing me inside. This was the girl I had known for 15 years, the one I was so much in love with. We had to hospitalize her back in September. She passed away in her sleep on 4th October. I was broken. My world was shattered. When I held her ice cold hand, it all came crashing down on me and I passed out. Her mother and I were the only ones not crying at her funeral because of the shock that we were in. I couldn’t sleep for a month. I would wake up with a sharp pain in my chest often. I wouldn’t have wished it upon my worst enemies and I mean it. My girl was gone and there was no way I could get her back. Not even god could. It took me long to be able to function normally again .I still feel the void. All I have of her are the memories of the amazing time we had. I am welling up as I type this. I know this story serves no purpose here in this forum but you guys have been the constant in my life for the past 2 years so I decided to share it with you all anyway. Thanks for your time.