Age 19 – Having people around may have cured my flatline

Let me start by saying I used to mock those ‘superpower’- stories and that I liked to crack jokes like I had grown ten beards and married the president’s wife, so I feel you guys, but here I’m sharing a story genuinely expressing myself (please consider I’m still in a hype):

So I still can’t believe what happened today. I’ve been in a severe flatline last weeks. Today I decided to take the bus to the city centre to walk around and have some people around me. When I was crossing some street I saw an old lady and I asked her if she needed my help. She smiled warmly and said ‘thank you, but I think I can manage myself’. Out of a sudden I went from feeling lethargic to amazing (like a super hero, although I only asked if the old lady needed help).

From that moment I had an constant positive energy boost which I think radiated very strongly. I felt an euphoric confidence and love as I was walking through the streets. I literally genuinely smiled at every stranger that crossed my way (even at the ‘gangsters’ and dangerous looking people, while I could’ve been killed).

Normally (before nofap or during flatlines) I shy away from everyone and look at the ground but now I felt like a superhero but at the same time my true self. So here comes the crazy thing that happened during my bus strip back home. I decided to sit next to a quite fat girl from moretheless 16 yo (I’m 19) to talk to her and give her some smile (she looked kind of down). Before nofap I’d have never ever done this. I made a little conversation and made her laugh.

Then I had arrived to my station (I was going and said her goodbye. While I was walking out of fhe bus I felt an intense feeling of happiness. Suddenly a gorgeous girl my age asks me for directions to the university. I said I was going the same way and I started the conversation, where I was 100% expressing my true self and I asked her questions out of pure interest (the idea of sex didn’t even cross my mind). It was like a dream conversation and I felt a strong connection with this girl. We had some rare similarities. It felt like we had been knowing each other for a very long time. When we said goodbye I didn’t ask her contact details, because I subconsciously thought that we already knew each other, very weird…

Literally the second I said goodbye another gorgeous student asks me if I can take a picture of her and her friends where I made a comment which made the whole group laugh ‘maybe a selfiestick would suit you guys better’ in my language. As I walked to my class the girl yells at me: ‘you took it much better than a selfie stick’. I looked back and smiled at her. WTF was going on here, some magic attraction?

I indirectly contribute this to NoFap. I feel so happy and motivated right now. Think this cured this flatline. I really crave having conversations with strangers right now. I feel like I’m being my true self and at the same time the man I’ve always wanted to be. I hope to hold on to this feeling. Thank you NoFap and this amazing supportive community.

///I’m not trying to objectify these women by using ‘fat’ and ‘gorgeous’, sorry if it looks like I do. It’s just a stupid but in my pornfree mind representative indication///

Stay strong!

LINK – Still cannot believe what happened today. NoFap FTW!

by tigritos