Age 19 – I feel like I’ve been reborn: I’m a determined, cocky, emotionally stable smart-ass

*Disclaimer* I don’t consider myself a “success story” but rather a continual work in progress. Also, this is only what happened with me, no guarantees on results.

Oh how much has changed! A bit of background first. I was a shy guy, soft spoken, a bit of a pushover, easily discouraged, socially anxious (especially around the pretty ladies), over-concerned about what other people thought of me, a procrastinator (not a very good one at that), and a masturbator.

I had been struggling with PMO since high school, yearning to break free but always caving in, relapsing, feel satiated, then guilty, and then the cycle would repeat. I would put off school work until the deadline was knocking/kicking at my door, and I never had the balls to speak my mind.

Fast forward through MANY RELAPSES and LESSONS LEARNED (these went together) later, and here I am today, constantly amazed by what I have the balls to do. I can now:

  1. speak to any girl I want with confidence, a level voice, AND rock solid eye contact
  2. crack jokes/puns left and right and not give a shit
  3. speak to anyone I want and not feel embarrassed or ashamed
  4. take a stand when people try to push me around
  5. focus and memorize A LOT BETTER (I’m now #1 in my anatomy class)
  6. deal with my emotions head on
  7. deal with difficult situations head on
  8. deal with conflict head on

My biggest weakness and secret was my obsessive PMO addiction, and shit since I overcame that I can overcome anything. (Don’t get me wrong I still get crazy and irrational urges to PMO, but I know they’re going to fuck up this ME I created). Also I used to get really self-conscious about who read/commented on my NoFap posts, HA, not anymore. This post is my last on this site, and I hope it inspires others to follow through with NoFap.

To conclude: I now have the life I want, I feel like I’ve been reborn and I’m a determined as hell, cocky, emotionally stable smart-ass, and I’m loving it. You gotta want it. Even if you fail once, twice, or five thousand PLUS times (like me), as long as you dust yourself up, revise your game plan, and try again, you will succeed.

PS: My libido is also off the chain, my hair seems to stand up, my eyes get intense, and it feels like a fire is coursing through my body when I see a hottie (but no staring below the neck, that leads to trouble).

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