Age 19 – I had weird fetishes and could not stay hard during sex

I had weird fetishes and could not stay hard during sex, 80 odd days in now fap now and I feel like I could screw the world and do a pretty good job at it as well. Sex anxiety has gone away I am now having great sex with my girlfriend.

She was with me when I had the problems. I now want to fuck the world. I agree that NoFap doesn’t make you cheat it’s yourself that does but blimey… I’m getting turned on by nearly every woman I see!

LINK NoFap turns you into a SEX GOD?

by RapGameTyrionLannis

EARLIER POST – 30 day report. Mum I did it!!!

As I sit down with a bowl of cereal smirking to myself as Viva La Vida comes on my iTunes and realising the title of the post really isn’t accurate as my mum hasn’t a clue what NoFap is… I keep smirking as I have made 30 days.

What an achievement! I feel I have a duty to give people hope for what they can expect along the way and how important it has been in my life.

So here, I’ll start with pros and some “cons” if you can even call them that then i’ll go on to writing a little time scale diary sort of thing.


  1. Better sex life… via oral and actual sex I’m so sensitive and I fricking love it! It’s now a case of jizzing too early than not jizzing at all, I’ll train myself to last longer but atm I’m just so happy I can at all!
  2. My mind is now at ease realising I can have kids. When I had DE (delayed ejaculation) I genuinely would nearly cry at the fact I might not be able to have sex the most natural way, would I have to freeze my sperm or some other non natural way (not that I have a problem with people who do but I was thinking I can m and jizz but not through sex what the heck!).
  3. My skin for some reason has become so clear and I’ve always has problems with acne, is it NoFap or because of number 4…
  4. Healthy eating, I don’t feel like eating junk food for some reason I think NoFap has given my will power a high boost, I think to myself how was I so easy when it came into giving in to stuff in the past..
  5. Exercising alot, on average 4 days a w on and off intense sprints and alot of basketball. I’m nowhere near fat anyway but my bloatedness has gone if that’s the correct term lol.

There are more however they are the main ones to motivate you.

“Cons” I feel these are not cons but more the myths you hear on here.

  1. I personally don’t believe NoFap is as big as people make it out to be in terms of curing social anxiety. I think that’s a choice, its NoFap that builds your will power but you have to make a choice yourself and think fuck it i’m speaking to her or him and I don’t care! Don’t think sitting at home doing NoFap will cure your social anxiety you have to go outside and speak to someone new. I watched a video where the guy said you start like NoFap taking a day at a time, day 1 just say HELLO to a stranger. Day 2 say HELLO to two strangers… Day 3 Say HELLO to three strangers and then ask how there day is going…this may be a hello to a sales assistant at a shop or the milkman or a passer by.
  2. People who think because A or B isn’t working for them on there NoFap journey but its helping someone else and then decide NoFap is a load of crap. You may not get loads of looks from girls on the bus to work, but you might in two months! Some people especially the more recluse users of reddit who havn’t seen daylight for two days from gaming obviously make up a load of shit just to make themselves better. i.e something like this “I was a virgin before NoFap seven days in I just had a threesome” by doing so these fake idiots (in most cases) make someone else think wtf why hasn’t this happened to me yet. Don’t worry stay on your own journey and learn how to spot a fake post from the REAL!

I hope to not have to fap again in my life, and continue to have a healthy sex life and good life in general.

P.S I’m 19 years old and from London.