Age 19 – I see the beauty in humankind, I’m more attractive


I am nineteen years old and I got to know NoFap in the beginning of 2017. … With this post I will present the benefits I got and what helped me to keep going. I hope that I can inspire you guys and give something back. Here are my most precious benefits I experienced:

1) The beauty in humans: I am able to see the beauty in human kind which means that their personalities or their capabilities shine in a new light. It is hard to explain but each single one has it own uniqueness and charisma that makes them special.

2) The deep horizon in eyes: The eyes of females or males have this light radiance and they have a deep meaning. In these days the eyes of others shine with positivity and inspiration which is why I started looking with a smile more in other eyes without fear, just because they look beautiful and I am interested in them. I don’t have to hide my interest in girls, instead I can smile at them and look in their eyes. In addition to that my face has that attraction in the mirror.

3) Sexual energy: Do you know the energy that flow into your body when you see a beautiful girl, it is so motivational and strong. It gives you power and strength to keep going.Of course I should talk to them instead of just looking at them and if they have even interest what talks against that, they will gladly talk to you. Alright, I will give it a powerful try in the future.

4) The freedom in your mind: I am no longer a slave to this addiction. It is not the voice of your heart that tells you to fap, it is the parasyte, which will feed himself with dopamine. It is not what you want, so you don’t have to do what he tells you. So I am able to get in touch more with the nature, the music, my emotions. They are all beautiful beings and they have a deep meaning, beauty in themself. I am free and able to enjoy them in the fullest. My mind is empty of that cold and unemotional pornographic which is full of darkness. I don’t wanna run away from my emotions but instead take care of them.

5) My face has changed: When I look in the mirror, I can see a attractive person with beautiful eyes, a clearer forehead, and thicker hairs. My skin is even softer as well as my lips and hands.

6) The dignity and the pride of a man: I don’t have to throw it away for that waste of time instead I can be true to myself and have some self worth that I am more worth than that. Our lives deserve more: Knowing a girl, the controll over our sexual energy, archieving our dreams…

7) Of course woman attraction: Thanks to NoFap I think I am more attractive towards woman without pumping these muscles, or buying cheap clothes. It’s just the growth of my self confidence. You don’t have to waste it, use that as an advantage to talk to her. It’s so funny, sometimes it comes without a signe.

8) A lot of dreams as well wet dreams: I think I got at least 10 wet dreams in that streak. It’s just so funny, sometimes I got 3 or 4 in a row. Man each time I have to wash my pijamas. It is defenitly nice to be able to dream and even have a better sleep.

9) Being relaxed: Yeah there are times where I am really relaxed like for example when I write a course test. Then I am not really stressed as well as paniced.

10) Clearer image of females: So when I talk to a girl, I see them less as a sex object instead I just want to open myself and get to know them. It doesn’t matter if she is not that beautiful, the sex is more in the background which doesn’t mean that it isn’t in my mind anylonger but I am more focused in talking.

10) Approaching a girl: There were times where I didn’t care if it will be succesfull or not, I just wanted to talk to her and see the outcome. Of course, sometimes it wasn’t that succesfull, but the experience made it worth. I even told my cousine that she is beautiful and she didn’t said anything. Whats wrong in giving a compliment, it’s a good thing. I remembered myself that today I have the chance and that I am free to do what I want to do. I hope the future will offer more chances.

11) I got to know myself better: There were times where I didn’t care what others may think of me which is why I was more relaxed to show myself. Even so, I got more in love with myself, I am proud of myself that I am doing this to me.

Edit: Their will be thousand benefits, but they are definetly worth it.

What helped me going through this journey?

1) Delete Facebook, Twitter…: They are full of triggers and a waste of time. There are hot girls, links to porn sites… You will have a easier life without it.

2) The all known Meditation: Meditation is a great thing to let your emotions and thoughts free. It may cost some courage but after the meditation you will feel reborn and all these sexual thoughts are gone. You can finally look forward.

3) Emotional, motivational, inspirational videos and music: They will bring you back in track what you really want to do and replace the urges with emotion of sadness and power.

4) Play a strategy game with someone or just spend time with that person: I played Go every time I got a urge, where I have to focus into the game and I can not relapse in front of that person. After the game, these thoughts are gone.

5) Remember yourself of your reasons and all that NoFap has done to you: It is very important to keep that in mind, otherwise you will loose track and be a safe victim of your old habits. You should write them down!

6) Find positive and healthy activities when you are bored: It is very important because otherwise it can lead you to boredom edging. So I would say, spend that time with fun and productivity. Hear music, take a walk..

7) The each day self discipline: Each day you have to take care of your sleep, your food and your activities. If you have a regular basis, you are able to get less triggers and you even feel better

8) Try to avoid all triggers: Like for example be aware of your Internet time and the Internet can be really dangerous. So I wouldn’t recommend you to be on the Internet when you are depressed, lonely..

9) It will be easier from day to day: I have to admit that the first month was way harder than the second and third. Today I really feel less urges and even if they don’t have a huge effect because the porn is not anylonger in my head including these pervert photos… Once you broke one or two month, you will ride on it.

Once Again: There are thousand of helpful advices, which this community can give you.

Man it’s really hot and I am tired. This post took two hours. I hope you can understand everything because I am German. I bet, I forgot something. I hope that I could help at least one person. All in all I am wistfulf waiting for your 7/30.. days report.

Thank you guys for your inspiration! Keep being great!

LINK – My kinda “90 DAYS” of NoFap

By SirDramix