Age 19 – I was depressed, very low self-esteemed, shy and socially awkward

Well first what I’m gonna say is that I’m never going back to porn again. I never thought that PMO can affect my life in this negative way.

I found out and started masturbating at age 13. Used to do it everyday. Now I’m 19 years old and I’m very glad that I opened my eyes just in time. The way that I look to my life now is truly amazing now. I was very social awkward and shy person all my life. I thought that I have to accept it and live, no way!

When I trashed porn out of my life, I feel that day by day I’m transforming to completely different person. My anxiety is reducing everyday, now I can talk to strangers with no fear and this is DAMN good feeling! I becoming much more social, and noticed that things are not so complicated as I always thought,I feel like a fucking tank! Girls started noticing me more and more, I can see in their eyes that they want me bad.. There is so much benefits that I noticed during this challenge.

Of course during these days was many ups and downs – mood swings, but from day 45 my mood started to become more stable, thanks to the meditation.. So I don’t regret any day spent without porn. I really appreciate you fellas fapstronauts, you was always supporting me when I had a tough moments. Discovering of this community really changed my life for better! 🙂

LINK – 50 days report! 🙂

by StayOutt


First what I’m gonna say is that NoFap greatly changed my life. Before started it I was sad, very low self-esteemed, shy and socially awkward guy who was lost in his life. I always expected the worst things to happen, I was very depressed.

But now… God.. I never believed that I can go so far and change so much. I cured my social anxiety 100 percent maybe even 200 percent!

I feel overconfident and I don’t overstate it. Now I’m super social to talk to anyone and I’m enjoying it! In the past I was scared to talk to any girl no matter if she started the conversation or not. Now I can talk to the group of random girls at the same time and make them laugh.

My sense of humour is skyrocketed I’m joking all the time. Funniest thing that when I am at school now everybody thinks that I’m high, because I feel very postive and energetic all the time.

Now whenever I go I keep my head up instead of looking at the ground. Sometimes I feel invincible. Now everyday is a dream to me.. And one thing : I don’t noticed any changes at my confidence till the day 46 day.

So everybody who’s already gone far and still not noticing this benefit: be patient and I swear that you will achieve this benefit and you will feel GREAT like I am now! it is really worth it! And the last thing what I’m gonna to say that I’m NEVER going back to porn again,NEVER! My life is truly amazing now, and I’m not thinking about going back to the old one!

LINK – 90 days report! everyday is truly amazing now!


UPDATE – To all the guys here who thinking of quiting this challenge…

What I’m gonna say is that my life changed literally when I cutted out the porn and fapping. Now I’m completely different person. All my life I was very shy,socially awkward and nervous person,but now I’m opposite. I started to live normal life, no.. amazing. I’m so confident that it feels like I can achieve whatever I want. I feel like a tank! My sense of humour it’s very high now. I always thought that my personalitty is very boring and silent. Hell no! What I noticed too that NoFap REALLY improves your memory I started to remembering everything to the small details. God.. I’m not overstating anything that I wrote here, It trully changed me, I feel amazing. What was most important to me is that it cured my social anxiety completely, now I’m very social and optimistic all the time 🙂 so fellas if you thinking of quiting,think twice it is REALLY not worth it. Life can be amazing and it all depends on you and only YOU! Peace 😉