Age 19 – I was watching 10 tabs at a time of hardcore fetish by age 13. I could barely get hard by age 14.

Nofap works. Period. I cannot believe how much progress I have made looking back at my journal. I used to watch porn 3-4 times a day from age 11 to age 18. That’s 7 years of my developmental life that was completely tarnished by porn.

Though I had friends, girlfriends and a decent life; it would have been way easier, more fun, and just an overall more pleasurable experience without porn.

I thought because I started watching Porn so early that I was going to be ruined for life. I was watching 10 tabs at a time of hardcore fetish by age 13. I could barely get hard by age 14. All of my high school friends were losers, and my relationships with girls didn’t last more than a week. 7 years of Porn during developmental years? This is the absolute worse-case scenario.

But guess what? I CONQUERED IT! UTTERY SMASHED IT.  After 300 days of no PMO, my social anxiety is gone. I’m 10 pounds larger in muscle. I am following my dreams. I’m a morning person. I’VE NEVER BEEN A MORNING PERSON BEFORE!! I love the outdoors. Hugs give me boners. I have a relationship with the Creator/God. I give unconditional love. I stay away from Lust. I had a 2.4 GPA in high school. I now have a 3.5 GPA in College. I have the best friends I’ve ever had. I can now feel again because my emotions are back. Every single aspect in my life improved guys…

And guess what? This all happened in LESS THAN A YEAR.

How did I do this? It’s pretty simple guys, I followed these simple rules: Porn is Not an Option. Artificial stimulation is bad. Real Life is good.

This means that I stopped playing video games. I stopped watching hours of Youtube. I stopped scrolling through Facebook. I deleted my Twitter. I sold my TV. I got rid of my headphones and threw my iPod out the window… I drastically reduced texting. I blocked all images on my internet browser. I use my computer less.

This also means that I went outside, began hiking, 4 wheeling, camping, went out to eat with friends, rode my bike, took my dog for walks, walked places, drove to new places, met new people, went downtown, took risks outside, climbed things, played basketball, lifted weights, talked to people, talked to women, asked women to hang out with me, tried my best treat women like they were people and not sex objects though it was hard at first, and though unsuccessful, I even started 2 businesses.

I also set a BIG goal for my counter. Instead of 30 60 or 90 days, I put 360 days. Bigger goals are easier to achieve.

Hope I helped guys. And remember, just stop watching Porn. It’s that simple. You will recover 110%.

Thread Trying to quit PMO for good? Hear me out. I’m 300 days clean after 7 years.

By domy

Guys. Rebooting works. Seriously, I never thought it would work for me. I was masterbating 1-3 times a day, every day, from age 11 to age 18. That’s 7 years of my developmental life torn apart by porn. I had the worst ED imaginable, I’m pretty sure my penis was the equivalent of a shriveled toe. But fear not! After 339 days of rebooting, I feel like superman. My life went from being a loser, a hardcore videogame junky, barely passing classes, with losers for friends; to pure greatness.

Since I’ve stopped watching Porn, my life has improved in every single area imaginable. Today, let me tell you everything I’ve achieved after less than ONE YEAR of recovery:

  • I went to a full year of College, and went from a 2.6 GPA to a 3.5 GPA
  • I am WAY more outgoing, and I’m a frequent public speaker.
  • I’ve had a girlfriend, and have hooked up with many women successfully.
  • I’m now a 19 year old Student Helicopter Pilot. I fly Helicopters almost everyday.
  • I am an entrepreneur on the side. I own a clothing line, as well as a moderately successful vending machine business that pays for my lifestyle.
  • My penis works. 100% of the time. It’s like strong now. Guys. ITS AWESOME.
  • My libido is here…ITS HERE BABY! I’ve never felt libido before because I’ve never had it. I’m feel like a 13 year old kid again, I swear. Some days I have to try not to get hard when I see a pretty girl in a dress…
  • I feel emotions now. It’s really weird but it’s so cool. It’s like I’m ALIVE!

I went from being a socially awkward, Erectile Dysfunction plagued, negative minded person with a shriveled Johnson to everything I mentioned above. Guys, if you think recovery is impossible, retrain your thoughts. Put the Porn DOWN. If you stop watching, you will recover in less than a year.

Set your counters to 365 days, and you’ll achieve your goal. Bigger goals are easier to achieve because they are more rewarding. Now go get it guys! If I can do it, you can do it.

LINK – Struggling to stop watching? I’m 339 Days Clean, Rebooting saved my life.