Age 19 – I’m enjoying the real world and learning to love myself


What I’ve truly learnt up until today from this road is, pleasuring yourself with porn is literaly yourself saying to your body “Don’t improve, we are living our dream”. Now imagine how bad is telling to the body your are living your dream when in reality you are in front of a screen jerking off. How many moments, opportunities, experiences,… you are missing.

The idea of me not living my dreams, in a not so far future, because of fapping scares me enough to accomplish 120 days more, and more, and more. But we are all gonna make it, trust me.

m 19, symptoms probably that I was tired of living the same exact way for years, feeling nothing none excitement for anything or whatever… until I started the journey and not only Im enjoying the real world but im learning to love myself, and realized that you should be your very first priority. Plus I love the drive for doing everything that testosterone retention awards you

LINK – 120 Days

By Sky-Project