Age 19 – I’m more masculine and into the sex I’m having


I had been on day 65 of nofap the night I had any sexual experience during my nofap journey (this wasn’t my first sexual experience in general), and it was an experience to remember.

Firstly the act of sex doesn’t give you the regretful feeling of replapse as I was worried it would do because of the ejaculation part of it, but it didn’t; the next day I felt more excited and complete with happiness than I had ever felt. I had finally had sex in a state of a clean controlled state of mind.

For those of you out there waiting for the nofap female attraction to kick in, just be patient and have fun (no point being depressed that you have no other source of sexual pleasure other than from another person, use it to motivate you). I felt more masculine and into the sex I was having almost as if I had become more of an adult, a man in other words.

Anyone waiting for this, it’s worth the wait. Build your self control and you will make the step to changing every aspect of your life. Thais all I have to say. As a wise writer Mark B Kastleman say in the book The Drug of the New Millennium, the Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use: ‘There is more to the experience than just chemicals released in the physical body… the mind, heart and spirit are all joined together’ (some hippy talk right, but I can relate) Sex is a different experience all together after doing nofap for over 2 months. p.s you don’t bust quicker than if you fap. In my opinion it’s a myth, all depends on the level of sexual attraction before hand.

I am 19 and was not a virgin before nofap and had no sexual dysfunctions before nofap or maybe that the hormone balance was a bit off (lower testosterone than I’m used to and love now).

I tried nofap as a personal experiment and the main thing that got me interested was the fact that the body can increase levels of testosterone by up to 37.4% within just 4 days without ejaculation, and since gym is a big part of my life this fit perfectly for me, having also been told of the increased motivation and natural energy I had even more of a reson to start, sounds perfect!

I felt like before nofap my life had been on a pause, yeah I had fun experiences but I always felt held down by something, a necessity or what i thought was essential for my survival at that time and now discovered that was fapping all along; when I started nofap it was as if i pressed the play button again and begun to live for myself not just a short relief once or twice a day which in my opinion just dams you into a hole of lack of respect for yourself, lower testosterone, feeling like less of a man and also putting females on some imaginary pedistool (A non beneficial one).

Obviously everyone’s experiences are different but that’s the best part about it, hope this is beneficial to you and I hope i answered what you needed. ps- I’ve edited the first sentence for ya 🙂

LINK – Sex and Nofap. Doesn’t feel like a relapse.

by lem_lem98