Age 19 – More open & friendly, happier, no longer addicted to games

I’m your usual 19 years old gamer who used to spend hours upon hours of gaming everyday, also fapping and watching porn for hours.

Long story short, I found this subreddit, and committed to it. And now I’m going to tell you what I got straight in the last 6 months (Only one relapse, 12 days ago from now):
– Increased confidence: I’m no longer the lousy guy who gets thrown away to get stuff and do stuff for people. I’m a totally different person who now has impact on groups of people, impact on individuals. I gained respect, my opinion now matters upon groups and my confidence is sky high.

  • Got a girlfriend: Although I met my girlfriend on the internet 6 months ago and we hit it off. I can tell you that it’s as best as it can gets. We have love talk everyday that makes me go horny as hell which WAY increases my interactions and my ability to just leave the house and meet random people
  • More open to people and friendly: I want to get out of my home everyday. Go to the park. Go to the bar. Meet that Asian girl next door.
  • Increased apatite: This is because I started going out a lot and starting exercising and bicycling which made me eat so much and generally increase my weight and muscle gain
  • Testosterone Madness: I don’t know how to describe this, but hell guys. I wish you could reach that point where you remember that you used to masterbate for hours each day where you could’ve spent it on something more useful
  • Learned a new language, and start programming for iOS and Web Development.
  • I’m introverted person but the last few weeks made me think I’m more of both introverted and extroverted which is great
  • Generally happier, more friendly to people, but also generally respectful. Even though I’m friendly, people who don’t know me see how I stand and how I sit. I now occupy more space when I sit because I’m comfortable, I spread my legs and hands, and open my posture to feel people that I’m welcoming. I go into shops randomly just to talk with strangers. and turns out I look good when I smile so I’m smiling wherever I go and it got the attention of some girls last week at the party 🙂
  • Now I have a 24/7 schedule that organizes my time into hours, bicycling, showering, exercising.. etc My time and sleep are better than ever
  • I’m no longer addicted to games and generally feel bad when playing them

Last thing of them, the social shit. LiveLeak, reddit, facebook, youtube. I’m turning them off today. No more stuff and waste of time. Take this advice from me, just a random guy from the internet: Get your life together, organize your time, stop wasting it, the world is beautiful and get your head on something and you will get it.

Good luck everyone.


LINK – Before I say goodbye to Reddit, One last thing to r/NoFap

by Joe_The_Hoe