Age 19 – Much more confident & motivated, no more feeling sad or drained

I’ve reached 90 days of not fapping, choking the chicken, stroking the salami…you get the idea. I figure I’ll give a bit of a backstory about how I found NoFap and why I’m doing it, as well as the positives and negatives I’ve discovered of the 90 day journey.

If you need inspiration or just something to read, here’s hoping this is it.


I am 19 years old and live in Australia. Like most teenagers, I watched porn. Sometimes once a week. Sometimes several times a week. I was randomly browsing the net, as one does, and discovered NoFap entirely out of the blue. I read some posts, checked the FAQs and shit, and figured, “Why not, I’ll give it a go.”

My main reason for beginning NoFap was, I hoped, it could provide me with more confidence in how I view myself and my actions towards others and stuff. I’ve generally not been a confident person, around other people and in social environments. Genuinely speaking, I did not know what to expect with NoFap.

I started NoFap in August and nearly managed 30 days before I had a moment of weakness and relapsed. My next try, in September, proved to be more fruitful (probably because I took it more seriously than before).


  • Confidence – I am a much, more confident person than I was 90 days, though I haven’t reached peak confidence. I am more willing to do or try things that I wasn’t before. Perhaps without PMO clouding my mind, I can live a better life, or at least, the life I want to live. Who knows?
  • Worthiness – NoFap has given me a greater sense of self worth. Viewing PMO for years gave me the impression that every single woman I saw or watched was immediately above me in terms of status or “leagues”. Not anymore. I view them as equal to myself and this makes me feel better about myself.
  • Motivation – PMO makes you lazy and a potato, let’s be honest. Not wasting my time on it has helped me to be proactive and muster the will to devote time to other things in my life. I’ve been going strong at the gym, devoting time to my studies etc. When you don’t waste your time PMO’ing, there are no limits to how you can improve your life.
  • Body language – This is mainly, for me, due to eye contact. PMO gave me that secret shame so I couldn’t look anybody in the eye, which socially, is a sign of weakness or submissiveness. Nowadays, I don’t feel that shame so I can eye people all day long and have nothing to hide. (Side note: My posture has also improved, giving me the feeling of more confidence)
  • Discipline – Self-control is what got me through 90 days. Urges constantly attacked me throughout this period, and damn it, if I didn’t have discipline I probably would have caved on Day 1. As I got further into my streak, my discipline became more stronger and the urges were more manageable. Cold showers help tremendously with this.
  • Positive emotions – I am, for the most part, in a fucking positive mood during the day. Whether it’s doing trivial house chores or doing something fun, I’m genuinely happy. No more feeling sad and drained. Fuck that. Happiness is boss.


  • Telling friends about NoFap – When I mentioned the concept of NoFap to my friends, they were curious about what it entailed and whether or not I could survive 90 days. Throughout the latter stages of the journey, they seemed to think it was bullshit, and while not putting me down, they didn’t think it was a worthwhile endeavour. They perhaps thought I could best be doing other things.
  • Spending too much time on NoFap – For about the 2-3 weeks I had to look at NoFap posts to keep the urges at bay and myself on track. After this, I realised it can be detrimental to your efforts if you spend TOO much browsing; I mean, that’s what got you into trouble in the first place, right? I’d recommend regularly visiting NoFap for begginer Fapstronauts, but once you pass a certain stage, it can consume your time. Be careful.
  • The Flatline – Yes, the dreaded flatline. It hit me just before day 50 and boy, did it feel weird. It felt like my testosterone had practically stabilised and I lost the drive, the push to do something, anything. Luckily, after 2 weeks, this feeling passed.

Where to from here?

Now that I’ve completed 90 days of NoFap, I’m beginning to think that my work here is done, so to speak. I beat my porn addiction and I feel as though I can fap without regressing back to porn. Or, it could all turn south and I’m back here resetting my badge. I don’t know, really. If you guys could share your thoughts and/or suggestions, I’ll gladly take them into consideration!

Concluding Thoughts

So, that’s a quick summary of my 90 day experience. If you want clarification on certain aspects, be sure to let me know! I personally didn’t think I’d make it this far, but hey, it’s possible. I was perhaps lucky that I only relapsed once since officially joining NoFap, but I know others struggle much harder than I did.

In terms of the famous “superpowers” that some people talk about, I believe I have received some, perhaps not the obvious ones. I didn’t suddenly talk to beautiful women nor did I get a girlfriend. Instead, I received the ability to believe in myself and be able to positively improve myself, which I believe is of greater value as these attributes possibly stick with you longer. Then again, everyone is different!

Keep up the good fight, Fapstronauts!

LINK – 90 Days, the Odyssey!

by SJ007