Age 19 – My Father: A True Fapstronaut at age 53

I am 19 years old. Today is my first day of being a fapstronaut. My father is my inspiration. Since I can remember, my mother has had serious health problems resulting in at least one major surgery a year. To pay off these medical bills as well as my sister’s and my own tuition, my dad works a great deal of overtime, on the night shift, at his job. He would work all night, then sleep during the day.

On his few days off, he would understandably be too tired to do anything but watch tv and have a couple beers. He was always the stoic type. My sister and I wished we had more time with him and my mother, stuck inside almost always because of her health, grew increasingly lonely. Yet, we understood because of all the sacrifices he made.

Then, 3 years ago, my mother discovered my dad had a PMO addiction. It soon came to light that he had since his teenage years. This was the final straw for her. Now, they fought almost daily and came to the brink of divorce. That same year he took a pay cut and my, now 5’6″ 275lb, father caught a major blood clot that could likely have been fatal. It was then he decided to change his life and break his 30+ year addiction.

Its been two years since he made the change. My mother is still very ill, college is still expensive, and he still works odd, long hours. But he is not the same man. Today he is 53 years old. He is 100lbs lighter and all muscle. When he gets off his 10hr night shift at 7AM, he immediately does a 2hr workout. In his spare time he has rediscovered his love of gardening and created a beautiful garden around our home. Now he never drinks or has any PMO. He is now more open and I feel emotionally closer to him than I ever have before. Now he and my mother are rekindling their relationship and truly falling back in love.

Life is still hard, but my dad has rediscovered his passion for life and, more importantly, his love of himself. He isn’t a superhero. He is a man. A man I’m damn proud to call my father. Today is day one. Time to follow his footsteps and become the man I want to be. If he can do it, so can I. So can YOU. Let’s do it fapstronauts!

LINK – My Father: A True Fapstronaut

by disturbed1224