Age 19 – No more struggle with public speaking – felt like a different person


I’m 19 and i was so sick of how guilty and drained I always from PMO felt and how awkward i was with girls, so once i found this subreddit, i was hooked

Before doing nofap, i used to really, really struggle with public speaking. Yesterday, which was day 30 for me, i had a speech and I was just ABSOLUTELY shocked about how relaxed I felt about the speech and how well it went!!!

I literally haven’t done a speech that well in years, I honestly felt like a different person!!! Nofap is undoubtedly so damn powerful, i love it!!!!!!!!!

You cant beat that feeling when you’re heading home after doing the speech so well and knowing you’re on day 30 nofap, excited for your life ahead.

I’ve had plenty of streaks before this, my previous streak was 52 days

LINK – Absolute Madness, nofap WILL change your life

By siot65