Age 19 – NoFap, the best thing I could have done in my life!!

Its the truth, best thing I could have done in my life, just amazing and ill tell you why. Well I am going to start telling you a little bit of background.

I’m a 19 year old guy, started masturbating when I was like 13 and started watching porn as well. I am a good looking guy (Height 1.87 m), but I used to have very low self esteem and confidence. When girls stare at me and look into my eyes, I would just look away or down to the floor looking hateful. My friends used to tell me about girls that were interested in me, but I was too much of a fag to take a step. When girls at high school talked to me I would just act weird and awkward.

I was depressed, always thinking about what people think of me, I felt tired for no reason, couldn’t sleep at night. I always felt like shit pretty much. So one day, about a year and a half ago, I was on youtube and I found this video related to masturbation from the simplepickup channel, so I thought “lets try this out, cant be too hard”, so I started but I did it the wrong way, because even though I didn’t fap I continued watching porn, I thought “its ok if I watch porn but I will not fap”. Then I realized porn was the problem too. So after failing and relapsing again and again I said to myself, come on man! I cant keep living like this!.

91 days ago I stopped masturbating and watching porn as well. And this time is when I really experienced those Super powers. The beginning is always hard, day 1 to 15 was tough! I started to feel the confidence boost, energy boost and overall feeling better. I wen through a flat line from day 25 to 47, I felt depressed those days, my confidence and my energy fell down. But I didn’t give up, I kept going and never gave up. It was worth it because after that I got all the super powers back and life started looking better.

-Now women stare at me a lot! and I’m not afraid to keep eye contact with them. Now I’m not that awkward guy. -Everybody wants to talk to me and I don’t feel scared or nervous.

-I stopped giving fucks about everything, I don’t care what people think.

-Better gains at the gym, I feel stronger and I look better

-Clearer mind

-I got my driving license.

-Got a nice job in a good company.

Those are some of the changes, but not everything. I just cant believe how bad porn and masturbation could be, but im glad I found this amazing community. I changed the direction my life was going, this was the best I could have done. I want to thank you all and specially hypothermiatic, my awesome accountability partner, for all the support and motivation.

If I did it this far you can do it too and if you are still skeptical about this, let me tell you, THIS WORKS and its great! Just never give up and if you fail never mind just keep trying and keep moving forward, don’t worry. You will NOT regret it.

LINK – NoFap, the best thing I could have done in my life!!

by SOLDl3R