Age 19 – Relationships better, more social, I’m funnier, top of my class

I don’t know why it has taken me this long to make this post. But I think the reason i’ve chosen to explain my story now is because I have forgotten what life was like before NoFap. To explain i think i will talk you through the changes that have happened (hopefully in chronological order) in the last four and a half months.

  • I started cooking. I don’t mean just pasta 5 min meal, i mean long, complex cuisine.
  • I took up a major role for a charitable organisation in my uni.
  • I went out a few times and found i was irresistible to women (first night post NoFap, kissed one girl and got her number / second night kissed three, got three numbers).
  • I got asked to go out on a date for the first time (rather me doing the asking).
  • I became more social. I used to sit alone at lectures. I now sit with 5 or 6 others who i consider close friends, whilst having 10 or 15 that i can call my friends.
  • My social life outside of class grew. I hosted dinner parties, met new people, went to parties i wouldn’t usually go to. My phone receives more texts than ever before.
  • I’m funnier, i can make people laugh. I think this is because i no longer feel uncomfortable around people and thus, they feel comfortable around me.
  • People i found irritating or annoying have now become people i understand and respect.
  • My academic results have gone from just above class mean to leading the class. I have been asked to tutor others, been used as an example in lectures, but most of all feel like others view me as intellectual.
  • I got a girlfriend who is beautiful, smart, funny, and just perfect for me. It’s been almost three months and we have never had a bad day together.
  • Despite this, i still get the sense that other girls find me attractive. One of my class mates found out about my girlfriend earlier this week after i bumped into her in the library. She went very quite afterwards and seemed a bit upset.
  • My relationship with my family is better then ever. They have always cared about me, but now i feel like they really really appreciate my company. The house seems so wonderful when i come back from uni.
  • Finally, just last week i secured a job for next year. I will be working in a marketing company writing blogs and doing the social media side of a truly brilliant and innovative company (the type that has a football table hah). Since NoFap, i feel i can achieve anything i want.

In all i feel like the person i have always had the potential to be. I used to get mini identity crisis’s where i would think my life would be better if i acted like someone else.

Finding this sub reddit, as you can see, has changed my life. Although i no longer read through NoFap regularly, or think about it often (i used to read it every day / know my exact amount of days, now i check fortnightly).

I did this cold turkey, this is still my first run. I am not doing hard core mode. Also the only person i have told about NoFap was my girlfriend. We don’t talk about it much and she doesn’t see it affecting me because she met me once is started. However, we decided have sex for the first time (and lose our virginity’s) on my 90 day mark, which was pretty special. I’m 19, I’m male, and I’m happy. Thanks (:

LINK – 145 days

by mantelpiece_