Age 19 – So much more confidence, more energy, less depressed, girls are prettier

So 50 days ago I started my biggest Nofap streak to this day. Some good things that I noticed from Nofap:

  • Better skin
  • So much more confidence! I make eye contact with everyone when I walk down the street. Fuck looking at the ground! Ive seen some amazing things while keeping my head up.
  • More energy
  • Better sleeping schedule: I wake up an hour earlier than I should. Just to be able to get myself ready for the day in peace. I used to take my bike to school but now I walk, it’s more relaxing. No need to hurry anymore.
  • Music is awesome: when im on the train I have to be careful not to start dancing and singing.
  • Less depressed: In the 50 days of Nofap I only had about 3 shitty days. Before Nofap I felt lonely/ depressed almost every day.
  • Girls are prettier: I used to not care about girls because I had my fix at home with porn. Last week I noticed a girl. Not because she had a nice ass but because she had nice hair! Before Nofap i would’t care about something like a girl’s hair.
  • People used to annoy me. Now I love talking to others.

If you are debating whether you should start Nofap or not. Do it! Not tomorrow but NOW!

This journey wasn’t that difficult for me until a couple days ago when I started to look at P again. I installed some blockers today so I should be good for now.

Sorry for grammatical mistakes, english is not my native language.

LINK – 50 Days report

by Stran9e