Age 19 – So much more motivation & energy, More sociable & comfortable around women

Finally reached 90 days I joined nofap in April and it took me 6 months to reach my goal. I did hardmode because I don’t have a girlfriend. Nofap has not changed me, I changed because I chose to. I chose to do to nofap and that was my first step towards self-improvement.

I take cold showers, exercise and work out frequently, I am eating healthier, I wake up earlier, I make my bed in the morning, I keep my room clean, I stopped using facebook, stopped smoking weed and I restarted doing yoga. I started doing all these things after nofap.

Quick Back story

I am a 19 year old. I have never had a girlfriend. I started masturbating at the age of 13. I started looking at porn in magazines or playboy pics on the net at the age of 13 as well.I would masturbate about once a week. I didn’t start watching porn on the internet till we had wi-fi because then I could watch porn on my ipod touch. I was 16 at that time, when I started using videos to do the deed. I would masturbate about once or twice a week. By the time I was 18, I was watching more and more porn and I was masturbating about 3-6 times a week. This is what my pmo days consisted of. I would wake up feeling tired, get home after university, go in my bed and fap/take a nap/procrastinate and do nothing productive or enjoyable, after supper I would then do a bit of homework and then maybe fap if I felt like it and if I hadn’t done so earlier. In my first year of university there was this girl I liked and we were close friends. I would often think about her, then fantasize and then just pmo because I was horny. When I would see her, I never made the effort to get out of the friend zone. I kept it a secret for nearly a year, I finally got rejected. Shortly after doing the same thing over and over again, I was procrastinating after a fap session and found a video on youtube about nofap. I then realised that I had to do this. I wasn’t addicted because I could go a few days without it, but I definitely would of become addicted if I didn’t stop.

The Benefits

Before I begin I just wanted to say that I don’t really get these “super powers” or anything exaggerated but I definitely feel good about myself. Also many of the benefits come from other things such as cold showers and exercise. When you want to improve one area in your life you want to improve many others and that is exactly what I did.


Before nofap: I would fap and procrastinate on facebook to avoid doing homework. I would do the bulk of my assignments the night before. The more I was pmo’ing the less I was exercising. My main sport is roadbiking, I would go maybe 2-3 a week at most in the summer. I would probably do about 70-100k a week.

Now: I have so much more motivation! I do my homework and don’t procrastinate as much. I try my best to stay of facebook because it is honestly a waste of time. In the summer, I directed most of my energy to doing sports. I was road biking, working out and running. I was biking about 150-200k a week plus working out on rainy days and running as cross training. I also ran my first half marathon about 2 weeks ago. I now go to the gym, my goal is three times a week. I exercised because that was my way of getting out of the house and away from porn. It also made me to tired to want to fap.
I was motivated to change my life for the better.

Cold showers also help with this because I am forcing myself to do something I don’t really want to. Which makes other things like doing homework much easier.

More Energy

Before: I would always feel tired. I needed to sleep eight hours and take like a 2 hour nap during the day. I had no energy to do things.

Now: I sleep my full 8 hours. I go to bed early and wake up early. No longer need to take as many naps. I still will take a power nap every now and then. I was never the type to sleep in though. I can exercise and still have the energy to hang out with friends or even exercise again. Ex, I run early in the morning and then I go work an 8 hour shift.


Before: I had bad posture. I didn’t have much confidence. I was afraid of being judged which I still feel just not as much. I could look people in the eyes, I just didn’t really do it.

Now:I have so much more confidence. I feel more confident when I talk to people. Sometimes when I step out of that cold shower, I feel like a boss. If you look at my posture you can see that my shoulders are more broad. They don’t curl as much as they did before. I can maintain eye contact and I look at people in the eyes when I talk to them.

I wake up in the morning and I see that I reach 90 days and took 30 days of cold showers. Just knowing that makes you feel good about yourself.

More sociable and more comfortable around women

Before: I am not really outgoing. I hung out with my friends maybe once a week. Not even… Normally I waited for them to contact me. When it came to girls, I had no confidence. I would say bullshit like “I have acne” “I am scrawny” “I am short” (not actually that short 5’8″) “No girl wants me” and bunch of bullshit excuses. I would wait for the girl to make the move which obviously they never did. So that made me feel even less confident. I became more complacent with porn because I could virtually have sex. Never could make a move on a girl because I would say shit like “what if she doesn’t want me to”

Now: I want to hang out with friends way more. During the summer, I would hang out with friends about 5 times a week mainly because that was my way of avoid pmo. It’s much easier if you are not alone right. As for girls, I am still shy but I am way more confident. I don’t have the superpowers many guys claim to get. I don’t say any of those bull shit excuses anymore like I used. I feel like I am more attractive. I think girls are more attracted to me. Now I am not the most attractive person physically but I can tell that girls who do know me emotionally are more attracted to me. I can also tell which girls are attracted to me because I get this vibe from them. I accept the fact that not every single girl finds me attractive but I still feel attractive regardless. I feel more comfortable talking to girls but obviously some times I get nervous or don’t have the balls on certain days but I am getting better.I am still trying to improve. I don’t care about sex as much, I care more for a human connection. I am definitely more respectful towards women. I always was it just now I understand how much porn affects your mentality for a few little things. For example once somebody said something kind of sexist not overly but I still called him out on it and said that it was disrespectful. Two girls told me that it was good to see that I am a guy who respects women. I feel like I can look at them in the eye because I can respect them. Just talking to girls is thrilling for me.

Don’t complain as much

Before: I didn’t really complain but I was more negative and cared about little things.

Now: Barely complain unless I should. I don’t complain about meaningless things like shitty customers or having to write an essay. I just deal with it, that’s life. This is more thanks to cold showers and nofap because you are purposely accepting discomfort.

More comfortable with my sexuality

Before: I was ashamed of being a virgin and would do anything to lose it.

Now:I want to lose it yes but I still want it to be meaningful. I have no shame about being a vrigin, in fact I could care less. The time will come. I rather be in a relationship.

When I see myself naked, it feels natural and not sexual. What I mean by that is that before I would be naked to shower or pmo. So I associated being naked to sex. Now I feel clean and natural when I am naked.

Healthier Glow

Before: I was relatively healthy but I was wasting my seminal energy. I had a lot of acne.

Now: I am healthier. I exercise more. I feel happier. I don’t really stress too much.

I still have acne but it is getting clearer. When I break out, I break out less. When I break out, the pimple doesn’t stay on my face for as long as it normally does. I don’t know if this is because of nofap, yoga and exercise=less stress or because of cold showers and my acne products. I do now that I have more of a tendency to break out when I relapsed or have a wet dream.

Some friends of mine say that my face looks more manly and I no longer look like a boy. I don’t know if that is because of nofap or I am just growing up haha.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I just wanted to say that these benefits are not just because of nofap but because of the multitude of changes I brought to my life. Nofap is just a stepping stone into a better life. Also I never received godly super powers, I just feel happy about the person I am becoming.

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