Age 19 – The amount of change that NoFap has had on me so far is immeasurable.

Just keep on going. The amount of change that NoFap has had on me so far is immeasurable. NoFap doesn’t make life better, but it makes one able to experience life itself; without fapping, one can feel emotions,try new things without hesitation, and just live life without those limitations many men still live with.

This is what NoFap has helped me with:

  • study with more passion and understanding (I’m a student at a ‘public ivy league’ and was losing motivation in my studies before NoFap)
  • My social circle is so big now, it’s stupid
  • I started photography as a hobby
  • no girlfriend yet, but I do have a date next week
  • women are attracted to me without me having to try
  • quality girls are attracted to me, yet my happiness isn’t dependent on women anymore
  • life is emotional now, but it makes everyday new and different

So yeah, keep on going guys

LINK – For all those who are still deciding whether they should continue with NoFap…

by blownstang


UPDATE – Nearly 6 months of NoFap – This Is What I’ve Learned

Well I’m sitting at home right now, because I’m on Spring Break relaxing and don’t have much to do today; I haven’t posted on this sub for a while, so here we go.

I’m near a 6 month ‘streak’ and it’s been one hell of a ride to say the least. But, without getting into detail on my story, I’ll give you guys a brief list of what NoFap has offered me and how it has benefited me in the last 6 months – and hopefully what it’ll offer my for the rest of my life. I know that NoFap will improve the life of anyone who commits to it, as long as NoFap isn’t treated like a ‘streak’, but instead treated like a lifestyle.

1) I’m motivated to be social – this is an important one. Before, I thought it was pointless to talk to people. How does socializing benefit me? Well, I’ve found that socializing with even the most random people can brighten up my day or theirs. It’s fun and you can learn a lot about yourself and others just by one small conversation. I like talking to people on campus now (I live in a dorm). I’m not as socially needy either. I only spend time with people who I respect and who have values that I value as well. And I don’t get close to people anymore, just for the sake of being close to someone. I’m comfortable by myself, because I have work and projects that are constantly stimulating and pushing me to be a better person. But, when there truly is a connection with a guy or girl, then I will invest time and emotion in that person.

2) This leads me to my second benefit from NoFap – constantly improving myself. When I’m not doing school work (which I’m nearly always doing), I’m always reading books that are related to self-improvement. Oh, and I practically get straight A’s now (I go a top 10 U.S. university – I’m not bragging, but my point is the workloads are hard, but the hard work doesn’t phase me anymore because of this new found energy and self-esteem).

3) I don’t think about sex constantly. My life doesn’t revolve around sex or sexual thoughts, and I’m proud of it, to say the least. Instead, I think about my schoolwork, work, hobbies, and the handful of people I care about. There’s something very self-empowering about not thinking about sex constantly, and NoFap prevents us from relying on it for pleasure and happiness.

4) I’m content with my life. But, I’m always trying to improve myself and my life, but not because I don’t think I’m good enough, but because I think improvement is fun. If I can improve myself and my life, then why not?

5) Although I’m not getting laid constantly, I don’t care. It feels horrible to feel like shit because you didn’t get laid over the weekend, or because that girl bailed on you. To rely on sex or someone else for self-esteem is pretty pathetic (I know it sounds harsh, but it’s true). I’m actually hesitant before having sex. I find sex to be more precious now. Because having an orgasm seriously inhibits my energy levels and focus, it would be pointless to lose NoFap benefits, unless there’s emotional investment with my partner.

6) And my expectations for women are different now. I found out the type of girls I really think are beautiful. I don’t like ‘hot’ and bimbo looking girls, at least physically, anymore. Instead, I like conservative and traditionally pretty women, because that’s the type of person I’ve found that I am – a generally conservative guy. I was a bit too rough around the edges before starting NoFap. I was constantly smoking pot with shitty friends and having shallow fun, while not really taking care of myself. Being true to oneself is definitely a benefit of NoFap.

7) Simplicity. I treat my life in a more simple manner now. I think things are not complicated, and shouldn’t be treated as complicated. If you find someone attractive, then tell them. If you want to go back to school, then go register for classes. If you want to switch careers, there’s nothing holding you back. I believe that all things that seem difficult, are only illusory.

Anyways, that’s pretty much my experience with NoFap in a nutshell. NoFap has not resulted in me becoming some kind of badass, nor has it allowed me to become some sort of overnight success, even in my own eyes. But, NoFap has allowed me to have more self-confidence, along with the knowledge and motivation, to achieve things that I truly desire to achieve. As cliche as it sounds, we only live once, so we might as well live our lives to its fullest potential. That means using our talents, bodies, minds, and energies into creating a life we love with the people we love. And if we’re ‘beating our meat’, then there’s no way we’ll make the most what we have to offer to the world.

Thanks for reading guys.