Age 19 – The best 90 days of my life.

After a week long streak, followed by a month long streak, I decided to really buckle down and get to 90. Today, I did just that. What can I even say about how nofap has helped me to change my life? I’ll guess I’ll start with the most obvious differences. For one, I’m not masturbating. I used to fap every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. And I fapped to really fucked up shit. At my very worst, I was fantasizing about torturing/raping ten+ girls at a time (while watching some equally fucked up porn). I remember very clearly thinking about forcing a girl I really had the hots for to blow me, decapitating her, and fucking her throat-hole. And I was unable to orgasm at that. And I wondered why I was so depressed and had no confidence. How could I expect to talk to these girls, to look them in the eye when I knew that earlier (and later) I had (and would) think (thought) about doing those sorts of things to her? Anyway, now I’m not fapping. So I have more time to devote to other pursuits.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg! As a result of not fapping, I am so much more confident. I can’t even put a multiplier on it (anyhing X0= 0). I don’t break eye contact first, except to do whatever I was on my way to do in the first place. Ever. It just doesn’t happen. This has lead to some legitimately awkward 10+ second stare downs with random dudes. But I always win. I’m also much more confident around girls. I work with a fucking dime. Before, I wouldn’t even be able to look her in the eye. Now, I can flirt, express my opinions, tease her, and defend my section (I’m a server, and on slow nights she tries to steal my tables). I can stand up for myself now! I feel like a real man.

The sexual benefits are out of this world. I wake up every day with rock-hard morning wood. My dick is super sensitive. Sometimes, my check presenter rubs it while I’m walking, and it’s too much. I have to adjust. My eyes are clearer, brighter, and have much larger limbal rings. I walk upright, with my shoulders squared and my chest is out. I catch girls checking me out all the time. I am the only male server at my workplace, and five of my coworkers have crushes of varying degrees on me. Also, I almost never check girls out. I mean, sure. Sometimes the hot blonde with the low-cut shirt is leaning over, displaying most of her assets as I walk around the corner. Before I can even process what I’m seeing, my eyes are drawn there. It’s biology. But I look away immediately. Sometimes, when one of my coworkers turns and walks away, she’ll do that little “extra” shake like she wants me to look. But I never do (even though several have great asses). I don’t know if a girl can tell if her ass is being stared at. If so, I’m sure I piss a couple of them off by not staring. But it makes me feel powerful to not be so controlled by my sexual desires.

There’s all the basic stuff, like extra endurance, strength, and motivation. But the big thing for me is confidence. I have nothing to hide, so feel free to stare into my soul! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to “go back”. Nofap is tied with quitting weed for the best thing I have ever done. I’ll never quit! If you haven’t committed to nofap yet, please try it. You’ll like yourself a lot more. And for those of you that have, stay strong, brethren!

LINK – The best 90 days of my life.

by QuickestHipster