Age 20 – 90 Days! Life Changing Experience:)

I finally reached 90 days and I’m 20 for a few days!!! My last try ended after 60 days and I tried a lot of times for years before. I experienced a big turning point in my life on 1st January. I received the willpower I needed and I understood a lot of things. [Being Christian help a lot because it brings a beautiful spiritual meaning in sexuality which helps understanding why fapping is so harmful. It also helps because it trains you to spiritual fight and brings a lot of tools.]

I noticed a lot of things during this period. First, I now see women without perverse thoughts and I am more likely to be amazed by beauty in general. I am now disgusted by pornography and I am eager for sexuality lived in true love. Also, I feel a lot more manly and master of my drives and desires. At first, I was not aware of all the things and behaviors that were linked to this. Now that I recovered, I feel that I am born again. A lot of things changed in my life, in my relations, in my behaviors, in my ways of thinking etc… It is not just mental, it is also physiologic. I can feel it. I stopped drinking a lot during parties, stopped any form of drug and I read a lot!

The thing I’m most proud of is that I no longer feel like I’m fighting but that I’ve finally broken through an obstacle in my life.

Thank you all for your temerity. Keep going! And remember, there is absolutely NO benefit in fapping. Even the pleasure you feel is not a true pleasure! Redeem men, become yourselves again folks!

YOU CAN DO IT (with the help of God it’s a lot easier)!!

LINK – 90 Days! Life Changing Experience:)

by imout_